Borderlands 3 Rough Rider shield

Hello I just got one of these and I have noticed it gives me health regeneration and maybe more . I can not find anything in the forums about the shields hidden ability’s . the health regeneration it gives me . I am wondering what other hidden ability’s this shield has

Who are you playing? What other equipment do you have? Is there any anointed gear interfering?

Fairly sure it doesnt. What character/spec are you running also your other gear. You probably have something regenerating health based on low shields.

Rise to the ocasion on zane gives constant health regen on zane

no health gen of any kind I am a level 32 phasecast amara no gear gives health gen but with this shield if I lose health it comes back very fast . they advertise that all equipment has hidden effects if it has red writing that is one if it is legendary that is a second . it gives health regeneration in large amounts to me and should have one other hidden effect

Can you throw the skill tree into here and share a link?

You wouldn’t happen to have Soul Sap as your augment would you? That gives 30% of damage dealt as life steal. 50% if you have the single pointer that buffs augments.

Saw this quote from you in another thread. You’ve either got a point in Clarity (a green tier 1 skill) or a class mod is boosting it.

Amara constantly regenerates health. The lower her health, the more powerful the regeneration.

After using her Action Skill, this bonus is doubled for a few seconds.

hello as I was level 32 no healing gear talents and no augment yet as was on the vault . I have 0 healing . was fighting the vault monster that gave me my first augment after and my health every time I was hit would spike to full in a second I have not played the game yet again but my talents have 0 healing my gear has 0 healing the only thing I changed was this shield . I went from no healing to full healing in a second . I read every time I play the game the bonus information it says every other time that every red writing and every legendary have a hidden effect 1 that the red writing will do it says these hidden effects are not listed other then red writing or if legendary has 2 hidden effects go back and read the tips they tell you when turn the game on . so the red writing that says . It takes more to kill a bull moose actually does a hidden effect that is not listed on the item . the fact it is legendary gives it a second hidden effect not listed . maybe go farm one your self and try it . I have 0 healing gear or talents as I am a 32 100% blue skill siren

They way you’re describing it, it would seem to me that you’ve picked up a health vial, which are scattered across the floor during boss fights.

I’ve used the rough rider extensively (Three different ones for that matter, including one with extra elemental resistance) and there was no health regen on any of them, other than what my skills gave me and what I picked up from the floor.