Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Walkthrough bug

Playing PC, Windows 10.
I’m stuck while going through Sanctuary Walkthrough mission and exactly on objective Return to the bridge. I returned to the bridge, got checked this objective, but there are no video (like on screenshot) I can hear only few speeches from the video and that’s all.
What i tried:

  • restarting the game;
  • checking for problems in Epic Game Store;
  • teleporting between different checkpoints and returning back to Sanctuary;
  • passing another story mission with friend in his game and then returning back to mine and still got the same problem.
    Nothing helped me and I really need some help.

Yeah, I have the exact problem with my lvl 10 Siren. My only quest atm is the Sanctuary quest, and there’s no video and Lilith keeps staring at the screen.

Please notice us mods!

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I have exactly the same issue :frowning: did you find a way to fix it. Please someone.

Has this issue been resolved yet? I can not advance with main missions nor do the Halloween event.

Same problem for me, still no solution?
I was stuck in the same way after the 1st boss (Shiv), when the mission said “watch the screen”.
Couldn’t go on, had to wait for a friend to play and go over that point to continue playing.

This is also happening to me. Literally exactly the same as stated in original post.

Hi, did anyone got a fix for this? I have the exact same issue.

Solution: Start a new character

please fix this bug. it’s so annoying


seriously tho. it’s a bug, still happening. workaround is impracticable for me right now. cant force someone to play

Hi !

I had exactly the same bug. After few investigation, I noticed that the game never display any video. The “2K” one on the boot was replaced by a black screen. Still on boot, no Clap Trap dancing while “optimisation of the shader”, but instead the same black screen. No video displayed on the roof in sanctuary while the Twins talk to Lilith (just before first take off, as tosha.tokar16 explained) . And so on.

It appears it was because my Windows version is a “N” one. No Media Feature Pack installed by default in Europe, we must have the ability to choose our video player ourselves, something like that.

I installed that pack this way : Settings > Apps > Apps and Features > Optional Features > Add a Feature > Media Feature Pack.
More information on that pack :

After that installation, everything works correctly \o/. I had the videos when the game launched and in game !

I notified the 2K support (ticket 7414233), maybe they’ll take that point in account when installing the game and add the codecs needed if not already available… or not…

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thank you so much, this was really helpful