Borderlands 3 Save related problems

So I have a few problems.
I installed the game on the 24th and have been having problems with loading saves.
I have tried:
Setting the folder to writable and added it as an exclusion
Contacted 2K Support with no luck
Reinstalled the game
Create a Borderlands 3 folder for the game to save to since it didn’t generate there.

So here is my problem. The save files save inside a folder in chinese, with it’s own My Games. Sometimes it makes a new folder and launches the game like I’m launching it for the first time, the address it creates that folder is D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64

Can someone PLEASE help me?, I’ve been trying to fix this for almost a week!

For Steam. the files should be located in:

 %UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

Are you sure it’s actually Chinese, and not simply a unique alphanumeric user ID string? I think Epic might use such a path for syncing files with the cloud save system. Note sure what Steam does on that - @Adabiviak do you know/can you check?

This is very strange. Do you have OneDrive connected intermittently? Depending on settings, you can end up with files silently relocated to OneDrive, which means if it’s not loaded/mounted the next time you use your computer, they may be missing from the local drive completely. That would also explain the missing BL3 folder.

I did have onedrive a while back, I deleted it by accident. I reinstalled it today once I realized that it was missing. Attached is where the folder gets generated.

I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons the save game files are installed in the Documents folder and not in the folder with the game program is security (certain privileges are required to write in there, where fewer privileges are required for the Documents folders). It’s easier for Steam’s cloud sync (and indeed ourselves) to manage those files if they’re not in the walled garden of the Program Files folders. I think it’s the game trying to handle those files in this secured folder that’s the problem. Even if you manually try to give it permission, the game shouldn’t be looking there.

After reinstalling the game, don’t sweat creating a save game folder yourself: create a throwaway character, and get it far emough through some introductions that you hit some save point. Steam/Borderlands should automatically create a save game folder in the proper place (C:\Users\Adabiviak\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\76561197970447002, as an example). There are no Asian characters anywhere in this string (which is actually a little concerning on its own).

If you take that route, does the game create the proper folder? (I hate the “reinstall the software” advice, so I almost never give it, but if a fresh install doesn’t automatically create and use a proper save game folder (like I’m not even sure how you would manually point the save game folder somewhere else), you may be at the mercy of 2K support.

Do you see anything like the folder above on your system?

That folder with the Chinese character name shouldn’t be there AFAIK. If the game or your Steam account isn’t set to use a Chinese language, my assumption would be that something else is creating that, and you might need to do some detective work to find out what/why.

Hey everyone,

I reinstalled OneDrive and it automatically created a folder there upon launch. Problem solved! Thank you!

It sounds like your device is set to save local drive space by using cloud storage via One Drive, so if it is uninstalled or you are offline for extended periods of time, you won’t have access to anything stored in folders synced with one drive. You might want to turn that feature off. It creates a lot of problems when it goes awry.

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That’s a good point - if you’ve got Onedrive’s paws on that folder, it might cause issues like this. Steam’s built-in cloud sync works pretty well otherwise.

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So cloud saves are a thing now… if there was a hotfix, I’m not aware, but they just showed up one day, and they work.