Borderlands 3 Season Pass content suddenly not accessible

Today after starting Borderlands 3, I see that the Season pass content (DLCs) is not accessible, and current weapons obtained in all 3 DLCs are marked red and cannot be used anymore.
Yesterday all was hunky dory.
By checking the Epic launcher and DLC content, all looks OK and in place, 3 ADD-ONS and DLCs shown in the details page.
Any hints what could be wrong?
My 2 friends have the same problem, as well.

Thank you!

Where you playing on-line (ie still connected to Epic)? I know there has been an issue with Epic specifically where the DLC will be marked as ‘not owned’ if you are in off-line mode (not sure if there’s been a fix for that or not though?)

Yes, we played online.

Didn’t know that Borderlands 3 had a battle pass.

That’s probably something you should contact the costumer service about. I just checked but for me all Season Pass/DLC items were usable.

Pretty sure the OP meant season pass.

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Season pass, exactly… will correct my post

Make sure to use the Epic launcher and verify the game files. If all else fails contact epic support. I’ve seen another report of someone with TPS having this same issue. Might be something on their end going wrong.

This may or may not be related, but people have been having issues launching the game due to an error in a dll that links between shift and epic/steam. Try making sure your shift account is properly linked: