Borderlands 3 Season Pass?

So im insanely hyped for Borderlands 3… so much that i’m replaying Borderlands 1, Pre Sequel, Borderlands 2, Tales of Borderlands. while i’m waiting (100% achi).

But im doing this on Steam and thanks to the exclusive deal with epic. I’m allready, gonna lose out on alot of earlie game fun. So what about the DLC campaign will we get one before or after the Steam release.

Sorry for my bad grammer/spelling (a bit wordblind)

There will be a season pass, currently it’s not on sale and the only way to get it, right now, is via the super deluxe version (or collectors, unless I’m mistaken). It works out better value right now as I think the season pass + game will be more expensive post release if bought separately.

As to how this will be when it comes to the Steam launch I don’t know. It may follow the same model, the steam version may have a version with the season pass at better value. It may be that it comes on a steam sale for a little while when the exclusivity ends. There’s no details about the steam launch yet.

As to the DLC launch schedule, we’ve got nothing beyond “Will be available by September 2020”.

The best way to find out would be to follow the Gearbox Social media on any you use, or find a reliable content creator to follow.