Borderlands 3 Season Rewards

When will seasons 1-3 rewards lock? Is it better for me to buy my mains (Amara) skin/head now before the game comes out, or will they be out post-launch?

Can’t say for certain, but they haven’t shown any indication that they will lock them.

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If you have points why wait? If any of the rewards will no longer be available for purchase I’m sure GBX will let us know.

One of the rewards has to be open two weeks until after launch, and the terms state that they’ll give “sufficient notice” or something like that before they close down the service.

Will there be a season 4? I only have enough points for half a gun so far.

If so, you can’t use S4 rewards for Maliwan legendary.

Check here (and links to a couple of sites therein):

I’ll do you one better for a repository of codes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I said, “And links therein”! There’s another repository linked in the same thread - should be easy to find using the search function.

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