Borderlands 3 - Side Quest "The Kevin Konundrum" bug

So I have been working hard since the release of the game to get the platinum trophy on PS4. It’s been going pretty good so far and the game is really fun! Though there is one problem that is stopping me right before the finish line. The quest “The Kevin Konudrum” is completely bugged out! What I mean is that I cannot even accept the quest since on Sanctuary it says to go to Pandora - The Droughts, and when i go there. It tells me to go to Sanctuary.
The only possible solution I can think of is to join someone elses session while they complete the side quest. Please, if anyone is around this part of the game and has yet to complete this side quest on Normal Vault Hunter Mode. Please reach out to me if you can. It would be highly appreciated. Also here’s some in-game images to show what I mean by “unable to accept the quest”

The mission should be on sanctuary in the cargo hold area where claptrap is and there should be a little creature in that area

I’m aware of where the side mission should be. But there is no exclamation mark over claptraps head. Thus I cannot even talk to him/accept the quest in the first place.

Slt a reviens sur le je rencontre actuellement le même problème avec la quêtes bébé la danseuse.
Avez vous trouvez une solution?
Merci d’avances

It seems there is no direct solution for this issue as of the moment. Even 2K Support didn’t know what to do when I told them about it. The only thing you can do if you are experiencing this bug is to join another person’s game who has yet to complete the side quest and complete it with them. That is what I had to do last night and I got my platinum trophy. I hope this helps even if the answer may not be what you were looking for.

Merci de la réponse.apres je n’arrive juste pas a trouver quelqu’un qui a cette mission et qui veux bien la faire :cry:
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He isnt showing up at all for me

I’ve got same problem

I finished the quest some time ago, but no Kevin remained in the hold. It’s just Hermes in there, and I can’t test weapons on him.