Borderlands 3 siren

We should make the siren in borderlands 3 ANGEL because she is a siren and I’m curious about her

If the Events in BL3 take place after BL2 which most likely they are it is not possible for Angel to be the BL3 Siren. I was hoping for her in the pre-sequel, but that didn’t happen.

^^^ tl;dr - but she dead doe

Oh yeah forgot about that.true but can they make a scene were she gets back alive


Don’t forget to either wrap things in spoiler tags or put them in the spoiler section if they involve plot points from BL2.

I’ve gone ahead and moved it to the Spoiler section, so feel free to discuss it openly.

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Sorry about that, I will try to be more careful.

No problem @zarzar_96. I’ve made the same mistake in the past!

I was hoping for this as well since BL:TPS is the 1st game to not have a siren.

I was hoping for a DLC pack where we could control angel in some missions or even her as a DLC. But Gearbox couldnt resist a Cryo focused VH. :frowning:

Maybe one where she briefly escapes the clutches of her heroic father?!

Well I mean is their not though, maybe not a playable one and it wasn’t confirmed by there was a character in it that seemed very much like a siren to me and the end of the game audio kinda hinted at it even more. Either way there is the chance we don’t have a siren for BL3 and if so we just have to deal with it.

What if in BL3…a new siren…is the villain?

What ever you do, just make her LOUD! After all… She is a Siren! :grin:

Encores coming right up!

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There is some precedent to that.

Just got to thinking this morning about the whole ‘six sirens’ at once thing that Jack mentions.

Could they all come together with their own unique Phaselock/Phasewalk/Phaseshift ability to unlock some super ancient eridian tech or secrets?

Kinda like the Infinity Stones from Marvel but tweaked to the BL universe?


Here is my idea for a Bl3 Siren, I posted it in the possible characters thread originally
I even have a semi thought out skill tree

Action skill: phase storm
You channel the maelstrom and while active you levitate above the ground and unleash elemental barrages, your right hand has the ability to throw lightning bolts and your left hand can hurl fireballs.

1st skill tree
Focus on the action skill
Various skills affecting skill duration, cool down, a skill to increase movement speed, halfway down is a skill that generates an acid cloud around you that will be given to an enemy that gets to close the cloud deals constant corrosive damage to the enemy and has a chance to spread to others nearby, cloud disappears of the host does or the action skill ends. Capstone your lightning bolt becomes a chain lightning and the fireball becomes a firestorm

Skill tree 2
Focus elemental and survival
Skill boost stats such a s elemental effect chance/damage/duration, buffs to health and healing, a kill skill that heals you if an enemy has a dot
Capstone: maelstrom Phoenix, killing an enemy gives you Phoenix wings dealing large amounts of electric, fire, and acid damage to nearby enemies while increasing movement speed

Skill tree 3
Skills buff grenade damage and all other aspects of grenades from damage to blast radius to a skill that changes their delivery to longbow
Capstone: when an enemy is killed by a grenade or explosion (i.e. Launcher or barrel) a large “maelstrom” nova erupts dealing shock fire and acid damage

Skill tree 1


Tier 1

Inferno: increase fireball damage 0/5

Surge: increase lightning bolt damage 0/5

Tier 2

Channel: increase cool down rate by x% 0/5

Unrelenting: increase duration by x seconds 0/5

Tier 3

Caustic cloud: when you activate your action skill you generate an acid cloud around you, it will be transferred to an enemy that gets too close dealing constant acid damage them with a chance for corrosion, the cloud disappears when all affected targets are killed or the action skill ends. 0/1

Tier 4

Slipstream: increase movement speed by 10% per point while phase storm is active 0/4

Whirlwind: while phase storm is active whirlwinds surround you slowing down nearby enemies 0/1

Calm before the storm: while on cool down you regenerate Health up to 2.5%* per point the lower your health the stronger the stronger the regeneration 0/4

Tier 5

Eye of the storm: while your action skill is active, allies that are nearby you are filled with a calming sensation, increasing their accuracy and reducing recoil by x&y% 0/5

Tier 6

Perfect storm: your lighting bolts and fireballs get a power boost and are transformed into chain lightning and firestorm respectively

Skill tree 2

Tier 1

-Dry season: increase elemental effect chance by x% per point 0/5

-prolonged exposure: increase elemental effect duration by x% per point 0/5

Tier 2

-Phase blast: melee override, you create a powerful phase blast knocking back all nearby enemies and dealing damage of the last element you were hit by, cool down 10 sec 0/1

Tier 3

-Rejuvenate: you regenerate 1% of your max health per second per point 0/5

-self sustained: kill skill, after killing an enemy for a short time you heal for x% of damage dealt by elemental effects

Tier 4

-wildfire: increase elemental effect damage by x% per point for each other active elemental effect 0/5

-reach: increase the range of your melee attack 0/1

Tier 5

-Tough skin: increase damage resistance by x% per point 0/5

Tier 6

-Maelstrom Phoenix: kill skill, killing an enemy ignites your Phoenix wings dealing constant fire shock and acid damage to nearby enemies and boosts you jump height/distance 0/1

Skill tree 3

imo, the next siren should have a big corrosive affinity. Other elements too, but extra focus on corrosive. Works with the additive primary color theme that we’ve had with the playable sirens so far too. Lilith was red, Maya was blue, and the next one could totally be green.

Well maya was a combination of fire and corrosive, also green isn’t a primary color, red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors.

Also Lilith was fire shock, so maybe the next should be shock corrosive, but I don’t like limiting it, as you can probably see I want a badass siren with mastery of all the elements

Maya was more or less meant have a focus on all the elements, but she actually has more fire skills than any of the others. Either way corrosive was never really a main element of hers.

I’m talking about the additive primaries, which are red, green and blue. Yellow’s a part of the subtractive primaries along with cyan and magenta.

Lilith had corrosive too. But as of BL2 she’s been more or less associated with fire for the sake of imagery.

I’ve been long advocating for a corrosive character since corrosive has had arguably the least focus out of all of the elements: for an example, look no further than TPS, which has a substantial dearth of armored enemies in the main game as well as a skill tree for every element except corrosive.

Since you’re against the idea of limiting the siren to one element though, perhaps the corrosive character could be a sneaky assassin, or a Bane-like chemical-powered brute, or even a necromancer (even if just to rub it in the Diablo community’s face).

Additive colors are for chumps, CMY subtractive is the truth!

And corrosive is never focused for a reason, it’s the least useful, when needed it’s a lifesaver but both shields and health resist it which is what most of the games are populated with, BL2 would’ve been a great place to focus on corrosive because of loaders. But tps’ main game had very few armored enemies outside of its bosses, this is why the corrosive locked guns in it weren’t as good