Borderlands 3 skill trees

What if instead of each vault hunter having three distinct skill trees each vault hunter instead got one unique skill tree directly linked to their action skill. Then for your other two skill trees players would be able to pick 2 form a variety of different skill trees (let’s say 10 different ones for now). Each of these skill trees would be fully fleshed out have their own powerful capstones and be centered around a certain theme or playstyles form sniping to grenades or melee, except there would be no direct connections to specific actions skills, this would allow players to be able to use the vault hunter/action skill they like while allowing them to have more customization unique builds and have access to the playstyle they like.

You like sniping but you don’t like deception, with this system you could instead you pick maya for her phaselock and she will automatically have a tree centered around phase lock and such, then you look through the list of possible other trees and you pick out and tree for sniping/long range combat and a tree for team healing or something else that fits your playstyle

If you like this idea feedback and ideas would be much appreciated, and if you want please do brianstorm ideas for the 10 (or more!) skill trees that players could choose from


For maya phaselocking i would have one just for that and it gives her more oower and have better skills ahe will learn how to move the bubble perhaps would be very cool and if we ever able to play with lilith again which would be cool her phasewalking will have more power maybe she coild learn how to fly with that power sneak in the air and kill them would be cool or they can have a new siren that phasefly which he turns invisible and fly fast and swoops down with a eketric shock

Gearbox probably heard you. Speculations says Amara have 3 abilities, FL4K have 3 pets etc.

Would leave the game open to more OP setups that will become more fixes, or tho the idea is good the method would be temperamental

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