Borderlands 3 Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X?

Does anyone know if Borderlands 3 will be Smart Delivery compatible on Xbox Series X?
I have an Xbox One (first version) and Borderlands 3 is very poorly optimized on this console, the menus are very slow … So I plan to take the next Xbox Series X to finally be able to play Bortderlans 3 correctly, but I do not know if the game will be labeled Smart Delivery so that I do not have to buy the game again as it was the case with the transition from Xbox 360 to One (where we had to buy the Handsome collection to be able to continue to play on next gen). But considering 2K’s statements about other games I fear the worst (2K are really the weak point of Gearbox (cancellation of DLC on Borderlands TPS, shutdown of Battleborn)).

I don’t know about the Smart Delivery part, but I suspect the current original XB1 version will run much better on the new hardware. One of the limiting factors right now is drive access times and processing power, and both of those are getting a significant bump on the new console. And MS have already committed to having all existing XB1 games - including the back-compatible original XBox ones - running on the the new hardware.

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