Borderlands 3 social functions such as in game texting and invites system need fixed

this is occurring on PC

Y texting is not working, you hit Y to text, a chat box pops up, you type in your text, and no one gets it. went to a friends house who has three alienware systems, with setting showing texting on and instructions to press (Y) etc. when i’m on my PC miles away, we have to use phones to text

invite system, there is no notification like a small window saying “you are being invited by friends”, when you are playing, i have to rely on a phone/text to know to look for a invite, off of game play, you have to hit ESC, and invite option to accept invite, is only there for a short time. you basiclly have to know you are being invited, during that invite timer. bottom line: playing the game you do not know you are being invited, unless contacted outside the game, in my case via phone/text.

three gamers in one room, having to even say

  • hey i’m trying to invite you guys
  • we don’t see the invites
  • you have to ESC the game, go to social
  • not seeing any invite to click
  • then by accident i see the invite option pop up in the menu selection which is not normally there
  • one says wow? i would have never known that
  • i say, amazed…will have to post on their forums

You should probably take this to the PC tech support forum.

It’s interesting because this is the first I’ve seen someone mention this anywhere, but they could probably help you out more there

its on this site in tech support, its talked about, depends on what you type, and search results based on what you type

i was in open public game yesterday, pressed Y, typed into chat box, appears they are not seeing it, or if they are responding i’m not seeing it.

not just a my computer issue, playing with friends, as stated above who has three computers, another who has his own, one who plays on work on a work PC, at times on his laptop, and me my laptop.

Y chat is one sided