Borderlands 3 Sound Stages


Currently trying to work out how to configure the different sound options. I am led to believe that the Small Speaker and HIFI options are compatible with 7.1 channels. Can anyone confirm if this is true and, if so, is the sound stage Dolby Atmos compatible?

I am really struggling with the sound setup and finding dialogue to be far too quiet a lot of the time, even after adjusting the different volume options. I am running BL3 on Xbox One X with the Dolby Access app fully enabled to decode Dolby Atmos. My Soundbar (Sony HTST5000) is Atmos ready & capable of outputting hi-res audio also. I have no problems with UHD movies that have Atmos sound tracks (Dark Knight Trilogy and The Matrix sound ridiculously good), however finding the BL3 sweet spot is alluding me.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would really appreciate some help. It would be great if the sound options menu could provide more information on the different sound modes, how they handle the different sound stages and what speaker configurations they are suitable for.

Finally, if you are a BL3 dev and reading this… thank you, thank you, thank you!! Regardless of my audio troubles, absolutely loving it. Well worth the wait!!