Borderlands 3 soundtrack: Let's vote!

The soundtracks for the Borderlands series are a thing of beauty. The intro’s are always an incredible start to the adventure that awaits.

It helped me discover bands and songs I never heard before. Every now and then when I’m listening to music, a song comes on… and I feel like that should be the next soundtrack for the Borderlands series. Below i will list some songs that I feel would fit to be a Borderlands soundtrack… I hope anyone who is reading this will do the same! Maybe we can create a playlist with that Borderlands feel…

Whilk & Misky - Burn With Me
Burn with me

BRMC - Beat the devil’s tattoo
Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

The Raconteurs - Top Yourself
Top Yourself

Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know
Do I wanna know

The last one is a bit different, but to me it has the same vibe…

Ratatat - Loud Pipes
Loud Pipes

Let’s here what your suggestions are!

Gearbox has pretty much nailed the music so far, I just want them to surprise me

Yeah they’ve nailed it every time… and this wasn’t meant as a serious voting post. Just something to kill the time and to build a nice playlist.

Then a Tom Waits soundtrack, that man just sounds like pandora

How about some nice relaxing DEATH METAL!?!?!

I think people will like that.

Oh, sorry, I’ll just let myself out…

I don’t pick any of them. I still suggest Alt-J’s Left Hand Free. It’s a way better choice.

How about Always Something by Cage The Elephant? Their song Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked was in the intro for the original game. Both songs have a similar lyrical theme, although they’re vastly different: just like Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 share a common universe, characters, themes etc. but are much different.

The Heavy (who did the BL2 opening song) also provided the TPS closer (“What makes a good man?”) I’d be ok with something else from them in the next game somewhere!

I still say this should be the opening theme.

love how no one here suggested a song suggested by OP

what a great bunch of guys

@goodvids387: Please don’t bump a thread without contributing something worthwhile, okay?

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I liked Beat the Devil’s tattoo but I think this is better.

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Let’s continue any further suggestions in the other soundtrack thread!