Borderlands 3 Speculation?

As this is in the spoilers section I see no problem with posting the ending sooo…

You know in the ending the Guardian comes down says stuff about a war is approaching and you’ll need ‘all the vault hunters you can get’.
MANY people have said that B3 may be an MMO but personally I’m holding onto the theory that we can play as old vault hunters but with different skills and the sort, and not some sort of MMO.
For instance Lilith’s got more awesome powers because of the Borderlands 1 vault opening, Mordecai’s got Talon, in the Son of Crawmerax headhunter and Rolands well… dead, and Brick I’m not so sure on - maybe he just has more refined skills? And those plus another vault hunter MAYBE Tina? With the original 3 + an extra the story missions and NPC’s could be Zero, Axton, Maya, Salvador, Gaige and Krieg?

Opinions? Have I over-seen something?

If it is an MMO & online only, I’m not buying it. Personally, I hate MMO & MMOPRPG games & love FPS. I am a purely solo player, that is sometimes forced to join a team… like for the who ya gonna call trophy.
It would honestly be either the dumbest decision GBX could ever make, or it could be just… Meh.
On the dumb side, they have 2 outstanding FPS games in the series already that have a massive player base, or at least they did at the time. BLtps makes 3 games, all FPS based. If they change that to a MMO base now, they might as well stop calling it Borderlands & just call the game something else entirely. It would save me some heartburn at least.


It would save me $60.
Online-only is an absolute dealbreaker.

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It could also mean that in the future borderlands we won’t be playing a pre-defined character but we’ll be able to make one akin to games like Skyrim/Fallout. Choose your own sex/physical build and attach a class of your choosing to it.

I sincerely hope it won’t be an MMO. I would hate to miss out on Borderlands content but MMOs are in my opinion fundamentally flawed in their design and therefore no-no games. From everything taking excrutiatingly long (so you keep paying subscription money), to social drama, to battles that become like work in order to justify the “Massive” part, to the stupid inclusion of PVP that ruins both PVE and PVP in order to keep everything balanced (no one has been able to get it truly right afaik).

Edit: I played an MMO for 6 months and in hindsight they are six months I’d love to get back. What was I (not) thinking…

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Online only would mean A: a whole lot of servers, which would increase the price in the only place they can: DLC. They would more than likely move game files from local machines. B: this would effectively end all modding. cheat engine would probably still work, but not gibbed. But anticheat fixes that(look at diablo 3 [sarcasm]). It would also destroy any chance of a player created SDK, which gbx loved in BL. So I highly doubt its online only. I’m guessing our online teams will be 8 VH’s or something similar. Him

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I think if Gearbox went the MMO route they’d lose A LOT of fans. MMO games are hard to pull off without being a cliche’d block of mess. If they do go for it, it’s gonna be very hit or miss.


With the emphasis on miss.

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Right now, BL1 on PS3 can’t be played on line, because Gamespy has died.
Were it online-only, it couldn’t be played at all.

I think we get the surviving ones from Borderlands 1 (Brick, Mordecai and Lilith) plus Athena, Zero, Gaige, Axton, Timothy, Krieg, Maya and Salvador from the other games.
Makes 11 (!) Vault Hunters to choose. Maybe 12 , if Claptrap gets repaired. Could be some epic battle!

The pure reason why I don’t want Borderlands 3 to be MMO is because the Borderlands series hasn’t been even remotely MMO at all. Personally, I’d probably still play it but it’s just worrysome because it would feel like it isn’t ‘Borderlands’ enough. I mean hey, if pure melee weapons and actual loot isn’t ‘Borderlands’ then this definitely isn’t.

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Continuity be damned.
All of them should be playable.

Roland-TP ftw

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No character creation, no MMO. We need Dr. Ted tons of Ted. They should have a whole map dedicated to him.

I hope it’s not an MMO, for one. For two I think skipping forward in time a bit to give the characters some reason to change how they play would be great and enough to not instantly warrant new playable characters. I’m thinking that having the original three Vault hunters, the surviving TPS Vault Hunters(and maybe Wilhelm with a cyborg backup of himself somewhere), and the six Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters and we’d have a cool roster of characters that would somewhat show us “all the Vault Hunters you can get”. I think having a game where the focus of playable characters isn’t on making new ones, but refining old ones. Maybe four skill trees, or having the three we do have being packed with both old and new skills.

I believe that a system of having existing NPCs being the prime NPCs of later would work a whole lot better than having the BL2 VHs just swap places with the BL1 VHs in BL2. Having Moxxi, Marcus, Zed, Scooter, Ellie, Janie, and that red guardian be the prime NPCs would be just fine for me, but I would love an interesting playable character guiding playable character system. Still only four characters actually being played, but if the entire group of PCs would have cut scenes where they interact and plan out their objectives for teams to do(teams that are cleverly never fully drawn out to the players) then that would give a better feel of leading rather than just being told what to do. For five outta six VHs in BL2, they just kinda did what they were told without a motive like a whole buncha loot, or being employed to do it.

Oh hey, isn’t Athena the only one to survive at the point of borderlands 2, if Lynchwood is canon?
Maybe the starting four characters could be the original three plus Athena, but with more refined and different skill trees. Also the NPC’s you mention with Ellie, Moxxi, Scooter and all that sound much better! How cool would it be if all the sanctuary npc’s rebuilt the Crimson Lance as themselves. Imagine a warrior Moxxi.

I definitely agree with that there will be some sort of Borderlands 3 - the ending might as well have just said “We’re making a new game now.” But I’m not sure I would like an MMO - I love MMO games but I don’t think Borderlands would suit it. Although saying that, they should probably upgrade the servers for the multiplayer, they’re pretty terrible.

Yeah, Borderlands is co-op. Let’s keep it that way, yeah gearbox?

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They are already making a borderlands MMO, so i don’t think that BL3 will be one, unless the BL: MMO is a really great hit and they want to do it again.

As far as I’m aware respawning bosses are also canon? New-U stations are definitely canon since it’s the second thing talked about after getting off the bus in Borderlands, and then there’s this kill yourself quest in Borderlands 2. I think there may be some funny dialgoue to be had between wilhelm/nisha and the rest in regards to killing them over and over just because of a gun/relic, and how that’s more cruel than killing a puppy.

Oh no, I’m certain that Gearbox said that New-U stations aren’t canon because people questioned the death of Roland, and just wanted to have a reasonable way of re spawning your character

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