Borderlands 3 split screen Co op

I played the Ps4 version over a year ago and there have been lots of issues with the local co op mode. Me and my wife play Co op games and when we went to play, the text was extremely small on a 55inch screen. The second players backpack ui went missing and we couldn’t see some of the information in the 3d world as it was so small.
Playing the ps5 version recently showed the same issues and it seems lots of people had the same issues from around 2 years ago. Please can you look to fixing this. We both love the borderlands series and it’s the game we play together but currently the issue with Borderlands 3 makes us want to wait until it is fixed. Thank you


Same here. I hope the devs will look into it.

There is a temporary workaround - apparently switching to Performance mode can fix the zoomed out second player inventory issue. Not sure when the target date for the next update/patch is, but it will likely be with the release of the 3rd vault card.

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hello everyone. I’m from Russia. Who knows how to cure it? Different scale in the character menu for different players. The left player is shallow. The second one has nothing at all. And only the item equipment is so much messed up. In other sections, everything is more or less. The settings are all the same. Playing on PlayStation 5 on a split screen

Merged you in to a relevant thread. You can try the workaround mentioned above. Hopefully a permanent solution will be included in the next update, although there has been no mention from GBX of when that will drop.