Borderlands 3 - Split Screen

Know i’m likely rehashing other posts here, and advance apologies for any break in forum etiquette, but can anyone at Gearbox actually clarify the current situation of the Missing Vertical Split screen option is being dealt with, formally in a clear post and statement.

I have seen posts buried in feeds which suggested it was being worked on back in September, also 2K have said the issue is being looked into, but other bugs and gameplay issues are being dealt with first. Suggesting this is back burner issue.
And Social media posts from fans stating it is being handled as a priority.

However, since the odd comments from back in September i haven’t seen any formal post or statement from Gearbox which clarifies what is actually happening in regards this particular outstanding issue.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


As this post hasn’t had any comments or clarification on what’s going on and that it is now 2021 AND this isssue is still a problem even on the ps5 version after countless updates, could someone @gearbox PLEASE confirm if something is going to be done about this? I stopped playing this with my wife over a year ago on the ps4 and recently tried it on the ps5 and the many bugs, issues and small text is still a problem. Small bugs I understand but there is an accessiblity option in the menu so you must consider this as a problem but it’s still not fixed. This seems to be driving not just me and my wife crazy but many fans for around 2 years. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon… Here’s hoping!


I’m with you, and really do hope GBX fixes this. Not that I’m using this feature (I do have the ps4 version as well though) but I want the game to be in the best shape as possible.

Gearbox: It’s great that you fine tune each weapon on a weekly basis but please consider allocating time for more pressing issues as well.
I’m sure most of the fans can live without a very specific weapon’s 5% percent buff. Not to mention that to me these buffs are really puzzling since isn’t Borderlands about constantly rotating your gear/weapons?


Same, my wife doesn’t normally play games but she loves to play borderlands with me and the broken inventory split screen is a real bummer. I don’t want to be forced to play in performance mode.


Well as others have mentioned this was originally posted a few months after BL3 released and considering we are about a month away from the two year mark it is clear that @GBX could care less about fixing split screen local co-op, you know that thing we all enjoyed with BL1, BL2 and BLTPS. We gave up on it the night it released and being that yes they did add vertical all they did was change the orientation but left the small text and terrible UI in place. Lets be honest split screen was put in as an afterthought this time around and clearly wasn’t tested hence why @GBX never played actual local co-op split screen on their show titled as such.

Sadly nerfs and buffs have been the priority. We enjoyed the first three but this time around we took it as a learning lesson with products from @GBX in the future.

ON a side note those of you that want a great local co-op experience that is done right I can’t recommend It Takes Two enough.