Borderlands 3 Stat Tracker

Borderlands 3 seems like the perfect game for constant replayability. There are many different builds, weapons, enemies, and areas around the game. It only seems right to have a stat tracking tab in your echo. I appreciate the Guardian Ranks as they offer a sense of endlessness to leveling up, but why stop there? I have love and played every Borderlands but it has kinda lost me after getting all VHs to max level, creating builds, and doing every side quest, but if there was just a page that tracks kills, items picked up, money picked up, etc. I without a doubt would have kept playing just to see my personal stats. There was a similar thing like this on Xbox One where there was a leader board among friends for BL2 and TPS that would track those things and I thought that was really cool, if only it was in the game and/or could be on PC. There are already challenges in the game that count kills, items, money, etc. but once you complete them, there is no more tracking those stats. I really don’t understand why Gearbox hasn’t done this before considering their whole game is about looting and shooting. Plus, they are already tracking our stats within those challenges, why can’t there just be a way to see them? Now I don’t know if adding a stat tracker in the game right now is even possible, but for future Borderlands games, please add this. This would keep me (and I’m sure others) much more captivated in your games.

This is in no way to bash or harm Gearbox, just a suggestion. I have waited a long time for this to only be disappointed with every game. This game just seems so perfect to have a stat tracker, but unfortunately doesn’t have one.


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They are tracked locally at some level for guardian rank calculations, and it’s quite possible that the code is already in place via the game’s integration with SHiFT (which was used to tally global enemy type kills for the $100K Loot Hunt).

Here’s my old stat page from that event:

I don’t remember if this showed counts or just “achieved or not”, but there were other pages that showed the total statistics per enemy types.

Anyone else remember this? I was sure we weren’t going to get that 1M Loader goal. The events would start at like 10am or something at the International Date Line, so the kiwis got first crack at each of these. Those of us on the west coast of the US and out in the Pacific got the last shift of the day, so if the community wasn’t in good shape to make the goal by the time I got home from work, we’d rally until the last few hours available. For this particular one, I took a vacation day and played the last round of the Hyperion Slaughter until there was one enemy left and would then suicide off the cliff so it would start right over with a fresh batch of Loaders.

Chatting with players around the world who were working on this as the event opened up for them as 10am ran eastward, figuring out where was the fastest/easiest way to maximize the kill counts, and sweating when big goals like this came up was frankly some of the most fun I have ever had online.


Right, there’s obviously a kill tracker somewhere in the games with the challenges and even the mail system in BL3 that tells you you’ve gotten 100 kills. It’s just a bummer we can’t see them.