Borderlands 3: Status 88500005

I played Borderlands 3 yesterday 20/09
and today 21.09 I decided to play again when, however, in the Epic library of the game shows me information DOWNLOAD after clicking moves me to the store and tells me to buy the game. of course, I have the files on the disk but when running through borderlands3.exe and game dont work
after uninstalling the game thinking that it will help me the game completely disappeared from the library!


I have exactly the same issue, played 22 hours then today it didnt want to start, got sent from the games troubleshoot window to a website which read

“If you’ve reached this page by launching Borderlands 3, it is possible that you have a firewall active that has prevented us from authenticating your game. Don’t worry though, all we need to do is get you a Response Code that you can paste into the in-game message box that brought you here.”

Did that but no good, that forwarded me to a support request contact form with error code “Borderlands 3: Status - 92” as the subject.

Filled out a message to customer support but no response yet

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I got the same yesterday. Followed the steps and didn’t get a code. Submitted a customer support ticket but haven’t heard back. Did either of you get a response?

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any fix for this? I just had it happen to me after some 30+ hours of play time. what a piece of junk… lol

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did you guys find a fix i updated the launcher but the game is still saying to buy it again. This is game breaking.

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Hi men! Same problems for me… same protocol with the request for assistance and the status 92… but epic don’t reply for the moment. Maybe gearbox software could help? I think maybe the problem came from the update of ■■■■■■■ avast… I have one and the problem came after that. Maybe the same for you? If you have some news informations, please let us now! And try to keep the smile :’( (more than 80 hours for me…A mose lvl 48)

I get the same error message status 88500005 and then status 92. Already waiting 3 weeks for an answer from support. I will probably get no answer. Good job.

I’m getting the same error after the Epic Games downtime today. Still no one with a solution?