Borderlands 3 steam. Game freezes, FPS drops to 0 and back to 90

Hello everyone.

Yesterday game run great. Today I am having major issue with it. I have FPS drops to 0 for couple of second, every 10 second , unplayable.

My specs are i5-6600k, gtx 1070, 16gb, latest drivers.

Tried restarting the pc several times, cleaned all the finish. No other demanding apps in the background

I recorded what is happening in the main menu (same thing in the game as well) with CPU GPU usage

Please help. Thank you.

Try going into your settings and change the frequency of social notifications (sorry, I forget exactly where that option is located and I’m not able to check right now). You may even want to try turning them to ‘off’ (unless you really need to know every time someone on your friends list finds a legendary…)

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Just curious, you thinking network lag here?

I tried to disable internet and launch the game - same thing. For some reason Steam is having exact same issue. It freezes every couple of seconds and not responding for 2-3 seconds. I tried to install steam on different drives ( i have 3), same thing. Games was deleted and reinstalled as well. Very odd, as other games on PC works just fine.

The polling for the in-game social notifications has caused issues on both PC (Epic) and Console for some users. I imagine it depends on the size of your friends list (and how many are actively playing at the same time). I turned mine off fairly early because it was just annoying the living daylights out of me.

You’ll want to actually go in to your game settings and change the notification frequency. Again sorry, but I don’t remember the exact location of the menu option.

i do not have any friends that play BL3, but still i disabled notifications in game, did not help unfortunately.

There are a few other things that could be causing it - this behaviour has been noted and discussed pretty extensively since the EGS launch (not to mention occurring in other Borderlands games). It could be the graphics settings are causing CPU/GPU jams, resulting in the effect; it could also be related to garbage collection of dropped items. All I can suggest at this point is searching through this section to see what others have found, and filing a support request through the official 2K site: