Borderlands 3 - Steam pre-order

Can I pre-order the game and get a copy of it in steam when it comes out there?


I think Epic is the only place you can pre-order the PC version until after the exclusive deal expires. I, too, would like to pre-order on Steam but BL 3 wasn’t in their store when I checked yesterday.


I really hope this doesn’t mean missing out on pre-order items on Steam.


They might bring preorder back closer to steam release… or have the preorder bonus as DLC

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Are you really missing out on much by not getting the pre-order bonuses, though? That said, Steam has a pre-order service, so there is a chance that you might still get them.

…Check that, hand raised :acmaffirmative:


Yes. We must have all the shinies… Even if we don’t plan on using them… >.>


Steam’s getting my money as soon as I see BL 3 in its store.


Absolutely! Still holding Battleborn as my fav game ever but as others I learned a lesson in patience, it was better to wait a few months. I’m one of the suckers that pre-ordered and paid a ton for it, not once but twice. (Have copies on 2 Steam accounts and I’ll do that for BL3 as well)


Best they can do is allow us to activate Epic keys on steam. That would be totally fine with me.

Same here, but that’s only because my wife played BB as well.

I just pre-ordered it for my roomy as an early xmas gift on ps4. I’ll play with him until it drops on steam.

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We are. Which is why I’m just going to wait until the GoTY ed comes out and is on sale on Steam for $30 and get it all then.


I want to buy BL3 on Steam too. Not much fan of having to use a different client for every title I play.

But was it confirmed on Steam?

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Yes, but delayed by 6 months from the initial launch date (unless something drastic happens before then).


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Is there any estimate when/if (or when the decision will be made) B3 will come to steam?
I prefer keeping all my games on the same launcher especially since I am approaching 1k games.

But I want the pre-order stuffs too :frowning:

It’s a 6 month exclusive on PC with epic, so pretty close to 13th March (depending whether they’re counting calendar months or multiples of 30 days.)

Heh. 15th of March would get my vote for a distinctive date… :dagger:

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Y tu, VH?


Awesome thanks.
I am looking forward to adding this to my borderlands collection on steam.
I am only missing one now, but I am not a fan of the Telltale Games style of gameplay.