Borderlands 3 - Steam pre-order

It might be worth 1 playthrough just to see the story progression since it appears they’ve made it canon and there may be things referring to content in that game or might make more sense after playing it. Though the playstyle isn’t my cup of tea either so I’ll probably wait for it to be on sale to add it on steam. Though I think I did get at least the first episode or something for free through PS Plus.

When Borderlands 2 was available for preorder, the Collector’s Edition of the game was something you would get by pre-ordering. Sometime later after the game’s release, it was added as a DLC anyone could buy. I presume they’ll do this with Borderlands 3.

I have an important question, will the Epic Store version and the Steam version be compatible? Will they use the same login service to invite friends or the community will be split between the clients?

At this point, nothing has been announced about that as far as I know. You could try contacting the Epic Store and/or 2K support desks directly?

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6 months WTF, by then the hype will be over and ill be playing something else.

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Its super disappointing that if i don’t force myself to buy BL3 on a different platform and play it within the first 14 days you dont get access to the Early Adopter Pack. UGG buying a hard copy,(do adults even do this anymore) just so i can get my money back (real note im not going to sell it back it’s just going to become a $60 coaster) and then start all over just to play it on steam sucks (trying to convince myself that it’s worth it.) #sadface.

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Yeah waiting 6 months after everyone else sucks horribly and they are just making stupid excuses why they will not release on steam earlier but it’s better then never coming to steam.

I have pre-ordered EVERY Borderlands so it’s gonna suck that this one I can not because they won’t let you do it on steam. And I think it’s dumb having all other games on steam then just installing the epic launcher for one single game of the genre that they decided was too good for a steam pre-order.

But once again better late then never I guess.


I’m pretty sure it will be available on Steam too.

BL3 may come to steam, but the pre-order/early adopter pack bonuses will most likely not. Which is the more depressing part of it lol

Why not? There will pre-orders for Steam too, so the bonuses should be available too.

If they release on steam 6 months after the epic exclusive then the game has been out for 6 months…what is there to “pre”-order you are just plain buying it. I mean they MAY add them later as a dlc but its not guaranteed. Unless I am misunderstanding something.

After reading everything here, I’ve given up on trying to figure out any of it. I’m alright with waiting an extra 6 months after 7 years of waiting.


I am discouraged at the most but some people are legitimately outraged lol
I am in that same boat of “it’s been 7 years anyways”, I am not HAPPY about what the situation is but as long as it IS in fact coming to steam, then I won’t make a huge thing about it like those people downvoting every BL game on steam because of it. To me that is just counter-productive.


ill just wait for game of the year edition…get all the dlcs added too then


And most of the patches.

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You can also watch play throughs on ‘tube.

—edit— many years ago i switched to console b/c pc gaming is too much keyboarding (my job is computer centric). Any given platform has its issues, but I’m not missing one bit of the mess on pc.

All the tech whales are moving in on (online) gaming because they make their money commanding your “engagement”. Gaming is a significant chunk of people’s time.

The more they lock you into their version of the Matrix, the more they can extract money out of you. I’d bet money this is why Epic is making such a play. It goes well beyond entertainment and towards a complete capture of individuals as vassal subjects. Why they could even act like nations and issue their own currency… :wink:

I know Epic has an exclusive, but does that mean the pre-order can’t even be offered for steam until it’s over? It’s already been announced that it’s going to steam after our 6 month delay ends. When can those of us who have no intention of supporting Epic order the game?

Any day now.

…just get it on PS4 or Bawks.

If you’re waiting for Steam, you might as well wait for the GoTY Edition, and save a chunk of money.

Why pay full price for an old game?

The ides of March! You guys are funny. :laughing:

I’d like to pre-order on Steam. We’ll see…

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When it’s available on Steam. The last time I checked Steam’s store, it wasn’t available, so no pre-order for us. :dukesad:

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