Borderlands 3 stickers for my car!

Helloooo, I need BL3 stickers to put on my car and my laptop too !
Where can I buy them ?
Thanks !

I don’t think anyone is going to make stickers for a game that isn’t out yet.
If it’s that important, you could use a number of custom sticker services and get some nice ones designed by yourself. for example

I dunno, I got a ‘minion on board’ sticker with some other swag in the deluxe edition of bl2…it might be a bit soon though.

Ok, I’ll use the BL2 stickers, thanks

There are some companies out there that will make any image you give them into a sticker or vehicle decal if you can’t wait.

There’s some on, spotted them earlier when I was ordering a Tiny Tina case for my Galaxy.

I should get it sometime in 2020 if my experience of China mail stays the same :smiley: it says 3 weeks but I’ll take that with a pinch of salt. It’s an awesome case though, will be worth the wait.

I got a good one i think.

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