Borderlands 3 STILL Shutting Down Xbox One X as of 10/19/2019!

Borderlands 3 is still causing the Xbox One X to power off and display the heat/ventilation warning.

Borderlands 3 is also still occasionally causing the Xbox One X to power off upon joining another player’s game.

The messy break up shield also still needs to be fixed as the drone occasionally disappears while the shield is equipped.

I know that the first two bugs have been reported weeks ago and yet the problems remain…I would like to respectfully request that Gearbox spend a little less time tweaking weapon numbers with their hot fixes and INSTEAD fix the above game/console breaking bugs that I and so many others have reported before.

I am seriously losing the will to keep playing Borderlands 3…especially when you keep crashing my Xbox One X. Come on Gearbox…you are better than this…stop letting the weeks roll by without fixing the Xbox One X crashing issues…


Make a statement about the problem gearbox, quit looking so god damned clueless.

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I haven’t played in Just over a week now for this reason. No intention of booting up again now tbh.

I’ll keep an eye on the forums in case a miracle happens down the road…

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I just started trying to play TVHM after very carefully beating the game on normal play. I can no longer go past Vaughn meeting due to my XBOX X thinking it is overheating. This is a serious bug, and is preventing me from playing an overall enjoyable game. I had difficulty when playing through on normal mode with this bug, as it would shut off at random times and display the “overheat” message on restart. Now it will no longer allow me to get past the very first mission.

Is it ineptitude behind their silence on the shutdown issues? Deceptive business practices? Fraud or negligence, which is it?

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Just got an email from Gearbox today after submitting multiple tickets on Xbox one x shutting down hard. Has never happened on any other game, just this and all the time.

Gearbox: From all the information that we have gathered here, I would like to suggest you to contact Microsoft support in order for them to resolve the issue with your XBOX One, since from everything that we have gathered it sounds like a Hardware issue.

Omg, really???

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Reply back to them and ask why is it only their game and no other game does it. Ask what piece of hardware that could be faulty is being used by their game that no other game is using. If that email is correct and you arent making it up then wow.

If this is how they treat their consumers then they’re worse than EA. Beyond EA.

This is the full email:

Luka V. Yesterday
at 02:40
Hello Robert,

From all the information that we have gathered here, I would like to suggest you to contact Microsoft support in order for them to resolve the issue with your XBOX One, since from
everything that we have gathered it sounds like a Hardware issue.

You can navigate this site to make sure you find the appropriate assistance :

Once the issue with the XBOX has been resolved, we’ll take a further look into the missing items and golden keys, since we want to make sure that you will not lose any further keys
due to your XBOX crashing.

Best wishes,

Luka V.
2K Support

I have sent another email asking your questions. Thank you.

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ya ive sent 2k support the stuff on the crashing all they told me is ya they know about it and dont know when the patch will be released.

Rodrigo P., Oct 15, 13:05 PDT:

Hi again,
Thank you so much for providing that photo and for your report!

Right now the developers are aware of this issue and are working on it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility on their progress here in customer support, so we don’t have a timeline for the fix to be implemented. Please follow us on Twitter (@2K, @2KSupport, and @Borderlands), as this is where latest info, as well as, upcoming updates and fixes, will be announced.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to let us know!


Rodrigo P.
2K Support

So they do know.

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The inconsistent mixed messages from GBX says a lot, like they have zero intention of resolving the issue.

Update Gearbox?

Of course not

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The Gearbox silence is deafening…

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Newer: I have made a reddit post about this issue. Please share across social media and get the word out so we can get this addressed. Reddit link


Getting this a lot, as is a friend. Still no fix?

Correct, still no fix. At this point I wouldn’t hold your breath. GB has bigger problems with this game than something so little as crashing an entire console generation…

I hope you sense my sarcasm. This is ridiculous.

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Sounds about right! That sucks, was enjoying the hour or so we could actually get out of it.

Thanks for the quick response though. Here’s hoping that one day they can fix shutting my whole console down every 10 minutes

Yeah, still same ol same ol. But I’m sure they are aware of it…no wait they are looking into or just maybe that have nothing at this time. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those three.

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Sep-2-2020 Still Shuts down Xbox One X Still no fix !