Borderlands 3 still suffering performance issues

So I’ve just bought borderlands 3, and I’m experiencing stuttering, menu lag and flak can’t seem to decide at what speed to turn whether hip aiming or ads, and the circular sight reticule can’t make up what size it’s supposed to be, I constantly have to enter/exit menu to reset it, can you sort out these almost unplayable issues before nerfing everything?

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The turning can be fixed by adjusting your deadzones in setting. Play with numbers untill it feels right.

If can’t be fixed that way because it ranges from normal to turning in mud in the same turn, I’d rather have the issues fixed rather than play with my settings in an attempt to fix game bugs

The longer you hold the stick the faster you turn. Only was i solved it was adjusting those settings. You can make it perfect for whatever playstlye you like.

It’s not like there’s a long single file queue of changes and if the various balance changes would just go to the back of the line all the alleged performance issues would magically get fixed sooner.