Borderlands 3 stuck on Cloud Syncing

I opened the game at first with no problem, and everything seemed fine. I then closed the game as I wanted to try it with my friend the next day. The next day arrives and I could not get the game to open period. It’s stuck on the Epic Games launcher saying “Cloud Syncing”. I have tried everything I could. I turned off my computer, uninstalled/reinstalled the launcher AND game but still nothing. I’m out of options and would really appreciate some help. Please and thank you. (Edit) I have also tried letting it just run but it’s been an hour now as well as logging in and out of my account. Nothing has worked.


Just had same issue. Turn off cloud sync in epic games launcher, then restart pc, and it should be fixed. Do remember that cloud sync will be off, so you lose any benefits of it.


I’m kind of an idiot and didn’t think to check if there was a way to turn off Cloud Sync, thank you!

Same. I originally played on my pc and reinstalled it cuz I had performance issues on it. Played it on my laptop fine and went to try and sync the data from the cloud and now am stuck too. I guess playing on the laptop is fine but I like my pc and just want to play my file on my pc! :frowning:

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Same issue here.
I can’t launch the game on my laptop for the past two days, while it works just fine on my computer.
It runs if I turn off Cloud Sync and restart the launcher, but I don’t get to play on my game save then.

I get the complete opposite. It makes me reverify my files on Epic everytime i play. I go thru the process and its fine. I shut down for the day and come back and try to play but it locks up on the first title screen. Very stupid and it needs to be fixed.

Did you every get this resolved?
Been sitting with epic games support for 3 weeks now…

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Still the same Problem. What the ■■■■ are the developers of the epic-launcher doing?