Borderlands 3 Suggestion Customize "Player Intro"

Welcome friends,
This is my first post of an idea to @GearboxSoftware
As a huge fan, im sure it has been thought of before but I digress,

During a fan community conversation, an Idea for a “Player Intro” came about. Like main characters and bosses in the Borderlands series they have the iconic “comic strip intro” giving them a small clip and a slow motion address line for their name and a witty quote.

An idea to spend customization time developing a player intro with generated emotes to extend with a background that addresses the player’s name and a quote made by players. Just like the photo mode where players can spend hours just trying to capture an awesome snapshot, this option could allow for players to spend detailed time with already generated emotes making a short customized intro for themselves and an appearance upon joining with other players.

Borderlands fans like myself would appreciate more customization options to make the player more iconic.


When would this intro trigger? It sounds like it would add to the wackiness of the game, so that’s a bit fun.

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Hi Vladof-gurilla,

Good question :slight_smile: The intro would trigger when playing multiplayer. When a new player enters another players game there would be a short cut to the new player intro. It would make the most sense. Although stopping all gameplay for an intro could cause some grief especially when the first player is in the middle of a battle. I would assume there could be a game mechanic to turn off “Player intros” as well.

I think it would be funny, but I would worry that it’d be a bit cartoon-y, even for borderlands. If people could select when it happens, that would solve it though.

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I like the idea of selecting or getting a prompt for triggering the intro. Although as it might be a little cartoon-y I think players would enjoy time creating one. Even if a player didn’t play multi player but used it in their stream content or just for a creative/fun side activity like photo mode. A player doesnt have to use it but it’s there if they would like to explore it. :slight_smile:

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