Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Bundle

So I pre-purchased several months ago the super-deluxe bundle. However, I don’t see any of the items or keys that I am supposed to get. Just the game. Is there someplace I have to go to get the items in the bundle? OR is there a contact email for them?

Sorry for the delay in thanking you. I see it! Final question, is it better to wait until a high level to use the items that say “1 Available”; in other words, I guess once redeemed, that’s it.

Thank you.

That’s a good question… The item that gives you XP and loot rarity boost states on the card that those diminish as you level up and is good up to about level 10. So that should be redeemed on a starting character (I grabbed mine at level 4). I think some of them may also be level capped? But they are once-only redemptions. Main thing might be to wait until you have access to the Bank (so once you get off Pandora) as it is shared across all characters. Then any new characters you create will have those items once they hit the same point in the story.

Waiting until max level doesn’t make sense because there’s a ton of gear in-game - better to use the items to get started or level up since you’ll almost certainly replace them down the road.

I did not know that this reply was awaiting until now. Thank you very much for that information, I will do that when replaying the game. Now I can use them when close to getting to the point of sanctuary.

Sorry to the delay, I had no idea that someone had actually replied. I will use it as when VaultHunter101 said, when close to a level 4 and storing it in the vault for future use (replaying the game).

To get the items at maximum level you would have to make a new character, level it to 50 then claim them to get some level 50 legendaries probably not many people have. It can then be shared across any of your level 50 characters too if they are actually worth using at that level. I haven’t gotten them at max level myself yet so I can’t comment otherwise.

Yeah I agree that it’s not worth waiting for the highest level for any gear when leveling up since it seems that RNG favour’s letting go of weapons quickly and experimenting with new (But it’s probably just superstition). Different story BL2 OP levels… I only just found the mail, after the game messaged me, and it really hasn’t hampered my progress. I now have a nice Legendary shield , well for 2 levels or so.