Borderlands 3 super deluxe

I bought the super deluxe version and i got everything but the season pass ??

That’s one thing I was looking at too. It’s still saying I can purchase it. And when it showed me all the things I could download like the weapon skins and such, I didn’t see a season pass.

Add me to that list. I purchased a physical copy and redeemed the code in the box. If you look at your Microsoft account it will show the items included in the code. The season pass is not listed. Hopefully this can be resolved easily.

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Do you guys have the butt stallion dlc? If so, you have the season pass. Mine doesn’t actually show season pass either.

Thank you for this!! I posted the same question. I do have the Buttstallion DLC, but it was irking me that the season pass wasn’t listed.

I’m in the same boat, everything else has downloaded and works fine but the season pass is no where to be seen… Sent a support ticket to 2k and I’m only getting generic response like; reinstall the game, clear cache and check my network connection (wtf). Hopefully they get this sorted very quickly