Borderlands 3 support is not good

Had to file 3 tickets to get a reply on critical bank items deleted issue. I’ve just about lost all faith in this company at the moment. Borderlands 3, we delete the loot and the fun. Bush league stuff guys. Real Bush.

I don’t think Gearbox is handling support, 2K is. And they do indeed suck.


My increasing experience is that these people are trolls.

They ask multiple times for the same information, the also ask for the very information the form you have to fill out already demands and either submits to them, or doesn’t which would be both wasteful and stupid.
They ask for multiple screenshots, often of things that won’t show the issue you are reporting or of things screenshots can’t be captured of. When the screenshot they ask for have been provided they will ask again that you provide screenshots.
They ask for video of problems when video might not actually do anything to provide any useful information pertaining to the problem.
They ask for video when their form/or server times out too quickly preventing being able to add video to the ticket, then send a link telling you “how to upload screenshots and video” when it isn’t that you don’t know how,it’s that their system is failing.
They ask for screenshots and demand it shows your gamertag when there’s only two places in the UI that ever shows your gamertag, and neither of those areas would illustrate the problem.

After all of this has been provided requiring several hours of my time and effort to provide all of the requested information you get an email that reads like this -

We’re gonna’ ask you to fill out the following bug report for us so that we can get this information over to the right department:


  • Platform:
  • Gamertag/PSN ID/Epic ID:
  • SHiFT Support ID: This can be found "in-game" by pressing Pause > Social > head to the SHiFT tab > then click the “Left Stick in” if using a controller, or press “I” if you’re on PC
  • Email address associated with the SHiFT account:
  • Which mission or DLC were you working on at the time:
  • Detailed Description of the Issue:
  • Multiplayer or Single player?

Steps to Reproduce:

1 - Launch Game
2 - From Main Menu, go to…
3 -
4 -
5 -

If possible, please provide video and/or screenshots. Once we have this information, we’ll be able to take a look into the issue and get back with you.

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They have to be germans dawg. That is the most german thing ever.

Please fill out these 5 forms that you have literally already filled out every 1/2 year for the past 6 years - btw we are still going to keep asking for your name because - ■■■■ it! Also heres 10 questions that are completely unrelated but mandatory ohh and btw do you have any allergies?

And after youre done you get like 1 slip of paper that allows you to apply for more forms at the institution that your request was actually intended for in the first place.

It feels incredibly bureaucratic.

Currently I have looted 5 legendary weapons during the Bloody Harvest event. Heckrasier has not unlocked. I sent one of these legendaries to someone on my friends list and Heckraiser has not unlocked for them either. At least for some of us, Heckraiser is not unlocking, or the text is misleading and there is something outside of legendary gear that will supposedly drop that so far has not.

Can confirm they do indeed suck.

10000% agree. I’ve had 2 tickets closed with absolutely no resolution at all.

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This is duplicating my experience. The two tickets I have submitted I have resolved. They never even provided any actionable information to even help disambiguate or clarify what the problem might have been. I have discovered the “problem” and provided solutions so far both times.

Literal zero use in having contacted them and wasted my time, and theirs.

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