Borderlands 3 survey is not popping up

hi i just pre-order borderlands 3 and the survey is not popping up can someone help me plz


Hey, I don’t see any replies to this but the way I fixed it was:

Not being on mobile browser.
Using Firefox (That’s the only one I’ve tried, others might work.)
Disabling blockers/tracking disablers (Ghostery, Adblock, etc.)
That’s what I had to do to get the site to work properly. Hope it works.


I didn’t get the survery as well. I pre-ordered as

Thanks @SerCrowes

It worked for me when i switched to internet explorer.
I don’t know why u have to change it.

but i got to fill in the survey now


What survey?

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Thats a fact i pre ordered the 100 dollar version and didnt get no survey

You find the survey in your VIP activities page.

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it gives me definetly trouble with chrome, everything ok using Explorer