Borderlands 3 taking too long to launch

am I the only one having this problem? if not, how does one fix?

You’ve not mentioned platform but for performance on pc the game take about 10 seconds to reach the cutscenes and then maybe another 30 to get to the main menu. This is in dx11 from my ssd. If I switch to dx12 the game takes about 5 minutes to boot.

I must apologize, I am on xbox, but I have fixed it by quitting the app and waiting, I MUST APOLOGIZE

For PC…
Go to:
Epic launcher->Settings-BL3->Additional command line arguments. Add “-NoStartupMovies”


That doesn’t speed up the loading. By default you can skip the videos at the same point when pushing a button. All the command does is showing you a blank screen instead of the videos and automatically go to the main menu when loading is done.

It does that to me once in a blue moon (also on XBox). Sometimes it’s because there’s a system or game patch that needs to be installed, so check your notifications and update queue. XBL seemed a bit glitchy this morning too, which could also cause the odd hiccup.

i did simply stopped the game, and waited 10ish seconds then relaunched it, it worked fine then

Moved to XB tech support and closed, since the issue is resolved.

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