Borderlands 3 Technical Issues

I don’t know whether anyone else has had this problem, but since Moxxi’s DLC has released, anytime I get a kill, pick up loot, use my character’s skill, or even just shoot, my game freezes for a few seconds. Also, certain respawn points aren’t working, like the one in the room right after meeting Freddie.

That seems to be an issue on your end. I’d recommend you submit a ticket to the tech support.

You may want to do the usual ‘clear cache’ power thing. The various things you mention all (iirc) either do or can trigger auto-saves, which then get queued for syncing to cloud. If the cache for BL3 is cluttered or whatever, that might cause problems.

You can also file a support ticket; dollars to donuts the first thing they ask you to do is clear the cache!