Borderlands 3 - "The BFFs"

Meet Moze, a battle-hardened soldier who ditched the Vladof army along with her BFF, a giant Iron Bear Mech.

More about Moze:


If I wasn’t sure who I was going to play first before this, I am certain now!



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Time zones to the rescue!

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Still kinda bummed she doesn’t have a husky russian accent.

Maybe I’ll go into the files and replace her voice with nurse Nina’s.


I’m actually quite impressed with her character. Definitely a soldier straight to her core, and both as lovely and badass as you can imagine. And Iron Bear, never would have guessed he had personality, or it could just be the personality Moze gives the mech, either way the way the two function together is heartwarming. Overall, another trailer well done, another character explored is always awesome.

to be honest, if she had her voice, I would´nt play Moze


Not sure if it’s just me, but her voice just doesn’t seem to fit her look… I’m sure it’ll grow on me as she’s my first pick. Was imaging her to be a little crazy monster kinda like Gaige. Almost sounds too sophisticated ?

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well, she is veteran, so I think “maturity” in voice fits her


yeh true. i suppose we just gotta play with them to here all the one liners. Maya was fairly calm and collected and she’s my fav character in any game ever, so i’m sure Moze is gonna be awesome.

yeah, I am gonna play her 1st :wink:

probably I dont even play other VH´s because of the gamesize

That last line though… that’s a definite hint at her potential relationships with the other VHs and characters in this game. If it isn’t, I’ll eat a skag… which means it’ll eat me.

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I think that’s the general gist of what they’re going for in these trailers. Each of the vault hunters are powerful forces all their own. It’s for this reason, they end up alone or on their own. Zane’s profession as a hitman doesn’t guarantee him close friends or associates. He’s likely in constant competition with others in completing contracts and locating and eliminating targets. Not to mention the dangers of his profession, from backstabbing, espionage, quite possibly being killed by his target or targets. The life of an assassin is certainly guaranteed to be a lonely one, and is even more likely to make you apprehensive about forming relationships. Hence why Zane jokingly refers to his digi-clone as a friend, and uses bravado. He constantly tells himself he’s handsome as hell, and that he’s the best at what he does. It’s a way for him to cope with the loneliness and to satisfy the need for social interaction with others. It’s also his way of thinking positively, of getting through the day knowing that if all else fails, he’s got something to fall back on.

For Moze, she doesn’t see herself as alone. In the trailer, she gives Iron Bear a personality, and says he’s all she’s got. Calls it a he, offers the mech food when she knows it can’t eat, fixes him up with all the best parts she can afford, calls the mech her BFF. Everyone she’s ever known or has formed some connection with in the Vladof corporation is dead. She even admits that adjusting to life without a squad takes some getting used to. Meaning she’s open to forming new relationships, but wouldn’t be all that surprised if those she had formed those connections with eventually died at some point. She was pretty stone-faced after that battle that killed her squad, so you could tell she’s used to the sight of seeing dead friends and comrades. Battle-hardened veteran after all. She just copes with it differently from Zane.

Zane knows he’s on his own, so he loses himself in his work and his pride. Moze doesn’t see herself as alone, she has Iron Bear after all. Being the best at what they are, they’re not likely to find those who’d live as long, or could keep up with them. I’m betting Amara and FL4K will have their own say as well in this regard. So when the four form as a group, though they likely won’t get along right off the bat, they’ll likely warm to each other real quick when they see that they’re all in this fight together in the long run. Some may be closer to each other in some regards and they may contrast in others. Either way, I’m certain being in a group is going to be a refreshing experience for all of them.


could be that Moze is in some kinda denial, she refuses to believe that her mech doesn´t think fro himself because she is afraid of admitting that she was saved by some sheer luck, while others died

she might have known her squad a very long time, maybe they were like a family to him

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  • squad dies
  • let’s blow some gum and smirk
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well… that felt super weak to be honest

maybe she was in shock…or someone thought that it would be badass

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im liking these friendship/background trailers.

Zane has his digital self
Moze has Iron Bear
FL4K has his monkey thing, spiderant and skag as his friends
Amara, im gonna guess her guns. and by guns i mean her siren fists.

PS saw that they had uploaded a video for Museum of Mayhem, but took it down shortly after.


Loved her smirk.
Starting to dig this “deeper characters” thing. Not sure how it will translate into the game though. I love the little details they put into the trailers animation. Facial expression, gum chewing and such.
As for the voice thing. Love the “more mature” tone. They had to move away from the Gaige/Tina tone for her. Her face still have a childish look though so there is some kind of mismatch.

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This might just be me, but I think “deeper characters” certainly adds more variety to the game and it’s story. You get to understand why it is the characters do what they do, and what they may be like throughout the story as a whole. It certainly adds more dimension to the characters then just waiting for a scripted event to trigger something they would say. I think it gives an overall sense of how the characters may react to one another, make them feel more like they belong in the Borderlands. It also opens the chance for RP, fanfiction, and storytelling. In knowing what they’re like, a person could run dozens of scenarios in how the story of these four and the people they meet play out.

I also like to know more about the characters I’m going to be playing. I’m invested in the lore of Borderlands, and the key characters that play a part in it. I’m also interested in how the people within its universe are shaped by it. To put it simply, it’s more ways to become invested in the Borderlands series. You get to follow and playthrough a story while you’re looting and shooting. These characters, though they are badasses, are still people at the end of the day. The Borderlands, though humorous and cartoony at times, depicts a wartorn universe with limitless possibility. Any chance to see or learn more about it, I’m all for it. The game and it’s characters are certainly more story driven now, I think that’s what it overall translates to.


Moze :rose: is the :crown: of my :cupid:

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