Borderlands 3 The Family Jewel Defend Balex Glitch

Hello all!

I’ve been playing BL3 for awhile now and really loving it, but I ran into a literal dead end. In the story mission “The Family Jewel” I’m at the part where you’re supposed to defend Balex (and from what i’ve read fight a bunch of Jabbers) but Balex went up to the computer and… nothing has happened… I’ve tried reloading the game, playing some side quests to see if it reset it somehow, going to sanctuary and coming back to the quest marker but still nothing. I don’t know if it matters but a friend joined me on LAN while i was halfway through the mission.

Has anyone else had this issue an found a way to resolve it? Maybe found a way to totally reset the quest? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I just saw a video walkthrough where the girl A.I. says some stuff before the enemies show up and that didn’t happen for me. There was one bug i encountered early on where i was missing a video file to progress. Luckily some kind soul uploaded his video files so i was able to get past it. Is this maybe the same kind of thing?


yeah i’ve got the same problem, the girl ai in my game does say the line so i’m pretty sure it’s not the same issue as the videofile problem. in my game though there’s a service bot that spawns in the area below the viewing deck of the room where you’re supposed to protect him, and i managed to lead that service up to balex and let him whack balex a bit, but there’s no failstate to this quest so that doesn’t do ■■■■. completely stuck aswell

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I just started this mission and ran into the same problem.

Balex was at the terminal inside the ground mostly and i couldn’t do anything after clearing the security robots. I ran around for a while finding nothing to help continue the mission, so i decided to go back to the start of the zone and sell.

After that i went back to sanctuary and low and behold the GenIVIV dialog suddenly started up. I went back to The Family Jewel running passed all the respawns to Balex and found him floating properly at the terminal while the monkeys started pouring out.

I was able to then complete the defending Balex part of the mission and carry on.

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I was able to to complete the Family Jewel quest by save quitting to main menu. Every time I quit to desktop and reloaded, Balex was stuck in the floor. This is the second time i ran into this bug and used this workaround. Hope this helps :wink: