Borderlands 3 - "The Hunt" Trailer

Meet FL4K, an emergent AI whose three loyal pet companions help them track and claim their quarry on a never-ending hunt across the galaxy.
More about FL4K:

But, for the real exciting thing:
I got you this neat skill tree, friends:


Fl4K is awesome…I don’t know what else I can say about this badass bot. Three awesome pets, a hypnotizing voice, lives for the hunt…the bot is like Pokemon if it was set in Call of Duty. I’ve already decided on the order I’m going to play these characters. FL4K is my last, but this bot is bound to be a blast. Mained Mordecai back when the first Borderlands came out. Playing FL4K, I’m sure I’ll feel a sense of nostalgia, the bot is definitely the sniper of this group. And with the pets…I wanna pet the jabber. I mean, they all look badass and cute, but the Jabber…the jabber is best boi. Just wanna pet’em all.

Of the “Ways to Play” character videos, this made me least enthusiastic. However, I’ve just found time to go through FL4K’s skill trees in detail. Oh My Word! The video didn’t do them justice. You should have shown FL4K taking down multiple enemies while cloaked. How about a jabber with a rocket launcher :smiley: Or a fire spiderant. And there’s no sign of Gamma Burst.

The video didn’t sell me on FL4K but their skill trees have :smiley:

I just can’t wait for Fl4k. I love pet/minion characters so from the beginning he was my top pick. was a little scared his voice was going to be dissapointing after hearing zane’s but it sounds perfect. I cant wait to play this guy!