Borderlands 3 - The Short Version

Hi all. This is the first time involving myself in a discussion such as this, so I would like to keep this short and sweet.

I have a couple of things that I would love to see in Borderlands 3. I have played the borderlands series on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and they are all fantastic. I’ve been playing ever since they were released (except for Tales) and have noticed some things in the original Borderlands that were not passed on to its predecessors.

Here are some I have noticed…

Borderlands favorites

-Eridian weapons (not E-tech): I thoroughly enjoyed the eridian weapons from Borderlands 1. E-tech weapons were kinda cool, but they didn’t have the AWESOME like eridian. E-tech represents already made guns with just some added on attachments (not REALLY an alien super weapon).

-Majorly different gun audio: I knew what I was shooting when I was playing BL1, whether it be a Vladof, Jakobs, or Atlas. The sounds in BL2 and Pre-sequel seem all too similar with each other.

-ENEMIES DROP THE GUNS THEY ARE HOLDING: this is the thing that bothered me the most the first time I played BL2. I would see an enemy firing an incendiary pistol and I would instantly go over and destroy him for the weapon he had. Unfortunately, he didn’t drop it. Quite frustrating.

-Legendary weapons were amazing: The Hellfire was my favorite weapon in BL1 because the fire damage would stack and do huge damage margins close range with a full clip. When it came back in BL2, I was stoked that it had a chance to drop from Scorch. Alas, 'twas not the same. Damage did not stack the way it used to…

Some other integrations of BL2 & Pre-sequel I did not particularly enjoy…

-Failure to effectively balance high level characters to enemies: I completely lost interest when I reached level 61. The balancing was so difficult it was impossible to go through a mission unless I was a gunzerker with a perfect skill tree and two double penetrating unkempt harold’s. Insane.

-Pre-sequel - only one DLC?: I have to admit, the Claptastic Voyage was amazing, and probably my favorite part of pre-sequel… but only one? Oh well, guess I have to wait for the new Borderlands to come out!

-HUGE skill tree descriptions: I remember back in the day skill trees were simple and easy to navigate. Now, skill trees take a majority of gameplay, changing and perfecting the tree. I really enjoyed when I knew what I was getting myself into for skill trees. Now it’s a gamble, staring at the confusing paragraphs and deciding which would work better with others. Probably the worst thing were the stacks… 3/10 for skill trees.

-Glitchy menu: (especially on PS3 and PS4) I would try to go in the menu and I would freeze the game for a split second (in splitscreen) or make the frame rate go down dramatically for that period of time. Players know that a split second could mean everything when fighting a raid boss. Please fix for future games and to try to make the menu simple.

That is all. I hope the devs look at discussions about the future game and find some insightful things. I really enjoy what others are saying, and hope they get integrated as well. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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