Borderlands 3 Trophies Bugged?

I’m not sure if I am missing something but I currently have 34/30 Eridian Writings, no trophy. I’ve collected all locations on each individual map as well as all of the side quests yet it shows I am missing 2 locations and 2 side missions when I view them from the galaxy. I’ve also competed the circle of slaughter without the trophy popping and have collected around 20 heads and skins, once again, no trophy pop.

Has anyone else had these issues?


Im having the exact same issue
Apparently im missing a location on pandora and eden 6, and i have 35/30 writings
Its really quite annoying


For the Eridian writings go into sanctuary and hit the symbol in tannis’s office a 6-10 times and you’ll get the achievement. And I am lost on the pandora one aswell but I do have eden 6


Theres 40 eridian writings. Well 39 then the big slab in sanctuary. Theres 2 missions for circle of slaughter. Which includes going to the location cistern of slaughter in the meridian metroplex. Idk about the head and skin one though, havent unlocked that yet. If I could get into the ascension bluff door I would have my last location for the final achievement.

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Your eden 6 location is in flood moor moor basin. Right next to the eridian slab is a waterfall with a sign. Go up to it

Thanks guys ill try all these today
The heads and skins have to be bought from earl, it cant be a mix of ones you find

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No one knows how to get into that door in ascension bluffs so i dont think thats the last location
Als how do i get the other circle of slaughter location?

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So i found the last pandora location, its a place called the slaughter shaft, in konrads hold theres a way to travel there


I currently have 7/8 locations found in lectra city, i have been to all 8 locations (wrote down all locations i have been to) and i have done this multiple times over and over again, and still not having the 8th location “discovered”. Is there any random locations that i would have to go to to get the 8th like on eden 6 with the waterfall sign?

The game is just buggy to all hell. My heads and skins achievement isn’t working either.

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Well i found all 78/78 places in pandora and the trophy doesn’t pop up.

For earl i buyed 20 things in a row and the trophy poped up.

Yeah, my pandora is also 78/78 with no achievement. Its really annoying, the game need a serious update to fix these bugs.


I am so fuming… my last trophy is so glitched I’ve just spend the last 8+ hours running around aimlessly tryin to de-bug it.

Trophy I need - ‘A Hundred Names for Sand’ discover all named locations on Pandora

I have galaxy progress 100% complete
Pandora 78/78 locations

The only location on my map glitched is The Pyre of Stars (Nekrotafeyo) 26/27 locations… I literally spent nearly 2 hours re running this map


Anyone else got the grrrrs

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Where is the place , its the last one i need for the silver trophy but, i still did not got the pandora trophy . Grrr


Tengo exactamente el mismo problema no me saltan 3 trofeos …uno es por las lozas de eridium que tengo 35/40 y no salta el trofeo y la ubicación de Pandora que tengo 78/78 y aún no salta el trofeo de Pandora no de todas las localizaciones.

this works, im 3 away from plat on ps4! thanks bro this was the thing that got me the achievement after looking online for a solution

That did it! Thanks!

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My Level 50 trophy is bugged… it never popped when I leveled up and never gave me a final skill point, so I’m worried I have to level-up a second toon to get it. (I haven’t seen anyone online with the same bug so I’m mentioning it just in case someone else doesn’t want to be alone in this travesty).


I’ve got 40/30 slabs checked all the planet double checked all the places. Tried spamming Tannis, and still nothing . I’ve hit Tannis slab so hard it doesn’t allow me to hit it anymore any advice.

I have the same issue, when I look at the area it will say 8/8 7/7 etc then when I do an overview of the planet it says 34/35, same with missions, the only area I’m technically missing is the orange door on pandora, the second planet is 100% area overview but once again the planet overview says 47/48, and the writings as are yours are 3 or so over, in dont have the numbers in front of me so it’s not spot on but I been complained about this on facebook on their page

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They just show up as missions on the map, not sure how many or where but I know they have the ! and its from a slab, I know I have 7 discover the trial of (insert blank)