Borderlands 3 trophy bugs!?!

Anyone else have trouble with the trophies being bugged? When i reached level 50, i did not receive a trophy. Not sure if there is a way to get this patched or not. Same with location and eridian writing trophies.

Just so you know, I got all of my trophies at the time I was meant to get them. Maybe it’s just your game?

Hey there,
I got a quiet similar problem with my game.
I collected all claptraps, all Eridian Signs an did all side missions and did not get the trophies.
Furthermore the galaxy overview shows a progression about 101%?
And it shows strange like like “Eridian Signs 36/30; Sidemissions 120/110”.
I think it’s bugged.
Greets from Germany

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I am possibly running into the same thing. I am working my way through each area to 100% them and by the zone progress lists for each zone/planet I have all of Pandora covered, but have yet to get the achievement for it. The only location achieve I have is Nekrotapheyo when I wasn’t even trying to do it at the time.

Ok guys, it went well for me in the end.
Got all trophies.
The galaxy overview is a complete mess. It’s broke.

I’m having similar troubles galaxy completion 110%
I have All planet trophys yet no "master of all you servey trophy/ yes ALL proving grounds an slaughters have been done

bugged for me too. been playing co-op with a friend and we’ve progressed exactly the same. when we discovered the last location he got his trophies but i didn’t.

@ThePhoerb how did you make it give you the trophies? I’m running into the all areas discovered and all side missions (when i have completed all of them)