Borderlands 3 UE4

(Steve) #1

Hey guys,

now that BL3 is no “secret” anymore :wink: I would like to know if BL3 will be using UE4 like rumored of PAX17 or if it still will be using UE3.


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Confirmed to be using UE4 a while back - look for the GDC Gearbox Tech Demo video with Randy P. from a couple of years ago.

(Steve) #3

Ah, nice to hear, thank you very much. I remember that Tech Demo, i just thought it would be only showing what would be possible with UE4 for their future games.

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Nope. The character you see in that demo is actually one of the new vault hunters (the soldier)!

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Yep, that be Moze.

(Steve) #6

Ah damn! Can’t wait for my collectors edition to arrive! Will be hopefully as fun like Borderlands 2.