Borderlands 3 Ulimate Edition, Arms Race Gameplay, and More Revealed on the Borderlands Show

The Borderlands Show hosts Greg Miller, Fran Mirabella, and Mitsu really had their work cut out for them on the latest episode. After recapping a lot of recent exciting Borderlands 3 news, they unveiled the upcoming Ultimate Edition, got a first look at the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics, and showed off new Arms Race gameplay that’s coming to Borderlands 3 on November 10 as part of the Designer’s Cut add-on.

The latest episode of The Borderlands Show is jam-packed with exciting Borderlands 3 news, including the announcement of the Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition and the first look at Arms Race, which launches November 10 as part of Season Pass 2.

Arms Race is included in the new Designer’s Cut add-on, the new DLC that’s available in Season Pass 2 or as a standalone purchase starting November 10, and offers a fast-paced, roguelike experience. In this challenging new mode, you’re stripped of all your gear and dropped into a new zone where you’ll have to get loot or die trying. Gearbox Software’s Creative Director Graeme Timmins joined the gang to offer some developer insights as well.

Arms Race is hosted by two fan-favorite former Vault Hunters turned ECHOcast commentators: Axton and Salvador! These Borderlands 2 bros host the galaxy’s premier reality murder show and you’re their next all-star contestant. The action takes place throughout the Stormblind Complex: an expansive, decommissioned DAHL military base set on a wintry island in a previously hidden corner of Pandora.

The Stormblind Complex likely got its name for some extremely fatal weather called the Murdercane (short for ‘murder hurricane’) that perpetually ravages the base. As soon as you drop onto the island, you’re racing against the clock to grab as much gear as you can and get it to extraction points before you get obliterated by the encroaching storm’s icy devastation.

To ensure everyone’s on equal footing, all skill trees are disabled in Arms Race, meaning no Action Skills or passive abilities. The focus here is on gunplay, rewarding your ability to blast attackers while avoiding the Murdercane. You can resurrect any fallen co-op allies at designated respawn points, but if everyone in your party falls, your Arms Race run is over and any loot you failed to extract is gone forever.

You’ve likely been ignoring white and blue rarity weapons for ages now, but in Arms Race, they could very well make the difference between a failed run and glorious triumph. If you’re lucky enough to find a Legendary, your chances of survival will certainly improve, but victory is never guaranteed.

If you hope to get the very best Legendary loot that only drops in Arms Race, you’ll need to gear up and face off against Heavyweight Harker, the final boss of the Stormblind Complex. Arms Race will push your run-and-gun skills to their limits, and though you may die repeatedly, successfully completing a run will make you the stuff of ECHOcast legend.

Season Pass 2 is included with Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition, which delivers the quintessential Borderlands 3 experience. Ultimate Edition grants you access to all Borderlands 3 content released as of November 10, 2020, including the award-winning base game, six content add-ons, and multiple bonus cosmetic packs.

That includes a new set of four Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs, one for each Vault Hunter. These incredible outfits add a new character body model and matching head for each Vault Hunter, giving you new ways to look fresh while causing trouble. The Multiverse Final Forms imagine how each character might’ve turned out in an alternate universe where they never became a Vault Hunter. For all you fashionistas, you’ll be happy to know that these cosmetics can be mixed and matched with other Body and Heads as desired, and can also be paired with skins.

These slick outfits are also included with Borderlands 3 Next-Level Edition, a new console-only version that includes the base game as well as the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics. As a thank you to everyone who has maximized their mayhem thus far, the Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs will also be granted to existing owners of Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition and the original Season Pass, as well as the Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition and Season Pass 2.

Game Designer Tommy Westerman also shed some light on the new playstyles made possible by the new skill trees for Amara the Siren, FL4K the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner, and Zane the Operative in the Designer’s Cut. If you missed the recent in-depth reveals, check out the paired-up breakdowns in our Amara/FL4K and Moze/Zane articles, complete with developer commentary from Tommy and Graeme.

The new skill trees and Arms Race launch November 10 which can be purchased as part of Designer’s Cut and require Borderlands 3 to play. We’re also pushing Mayhem Mode to 11! This update, available to all players, lets you experience Mayhem 10 difficulty and loot without any of the Mayhem Modifiers, with slightly lower drop rates as a tradeoff for the mildly reduced challenge. Community feedback has been integral to the continued evolution of Mayhem Mode, so please keep it coming and let us know if you enjoy Mayhem 11!

You might’ve heard that next-gen Borderlands 3 will be available day-and-date alongside the new consoles, playable at launch on the Xbox Series X / Series S on November 10 and the PlayStation 5 when it launches on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, and November 19 in the rest of the world. Existing Borderlands 3 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One who purchase a next-generation console can upgrade to the next-gen version within the same console family for free to enjoy 60fps gameplay at 4K in both single-player and online play, as well as three- and four-player splitscreen in local co-op. Players who own a physical disc of Borderlands 3 will need the Xbox Series X or standard PlayStation 5 console models that include a disc drive to take advantage of this feature. Check out the full announcement of Borderlands 3 on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 for more details.

So, to recap: Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition and Next-Level Edition, Season Pass 2 and the Designer’s Cut DLC, the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics, and Mayhem 11 are hitting on November 10. Think you can handle all that next-level mayhem? It’s nearly time to find out!


Based on what’s been done with this game so far, my wallet will stay closed.


Nice Ultimate Edition. The perfect confirmation that preordering Gearbox games should definitely be avoided.
Preordering the “super deluxe” and trusting that Gearbox would strive to match BL2’s season pass quality was a mistake. I was naive because I love that franchise, I spent thousands of hours playing it. Sorry, I can’t trust anymore. I’ll find this content in 12 or 16 months when you guys decide to sell a new “super duper edition” and prices fall


Good thing this isn’t Battle Royale.


I missed this but did they cover if this ultimate edition includes fixes for the XB1X console crashes or if the split screen UI, tiny text and performance has been improved over the current version, especially with vertical split screen being added here soon.

These have only been “reported concerns” now for over a year.


@Noelle_GBX I can’t believe I have to ask this for the X time but what ever happened to the promise that we will get the streamer heads. You were confirming for months that everyone would get them and now a whole year is gone, season 2 starts, the game comes on the next gen and we even get completely new costumes, yet are still missing the Like, follow&obey head and skins.

And this isn’t directed at you but I have to say I’m a little bit dissapointed that this info comes out hours after the community has already gathered all this info in other threads and it’s just a copy and paste of the article from, which has also been up for a few hours.

As for the Arms Race mode itself, I already made my point somewhere else. I find this as pointless as paying for a mode that disables scopes in a Sniper Ghost Warrior game or whatever, which just like here I can already do by myself.


@Noelle_GBX, is there any kind of timeline for the cross play that has been mentioned?

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There is: 2021

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That was my assumption, I must have missed it.

Am I understanding this correctly?
There will be an new skill tree for each vault hunter.
There will be new action skills for each vault hunter.
There will be a completely new game mode.
In this new game mode, the new skill tree is
deactivated ?! :thinking:

Yeah really sounds like GBX. :crazy_face: :rofl:


Arma of Race will start dead if it does not allow passive and action skills to be used, thus it will become a generic shooting game mode without the scenic of Borderlands

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Would be better if you could level up through the run and by this specing your skill in the fly.

But I am buying it anyway, seems like a super fun coop mode.


Oh, another thing is there going to be a patch coming Nov. 10th?

With the way Arms Race deals with loot extracting we really need a bank space upgrade, among other things especially since there wasn’t one for DLC 4.

@GrzesPL Just curious but why did you blur the date? :grin:

IDK, as a surprise maybe :slight_smile:

Having blank character in Arms Race is really not like Borderlands. Designer’s Cut would make more sense as new Vault Hunters instead of new mode without any skills.


The way this game has been rolled out and handled this past year, it most certainly does.


I might be wrong but to me seems like a cash grab on the current wave of Battle Royale games that cater to the streaming community, but that is just my opinion.


This actually sounds pretty badass. I’ve been fantasising about borderlands as a rogue-like for a while. I think this mode will be something I can sink my teeth into. Fingers-crossed!


Excited for the new mode and all the possibility it brings but please tell me the guns are not extracted directly into the bank on Sanctuary because that would be a major problem, since,

a) Bank space is extremely limited. Another 200 slots would not go amiss, particularly since we will soon be hunting for new gear for the new trees and the fact Arms Race has ~20 new legendary items.

b) There seems to be an ongoing bug of the bank where not just new guns but all guns will appear as new loot, meaning it would be practically impossible to sort through the gear you send across.

c) It is high time the bank got some quality of life improvements, such as being able to organise according to anointments, having same items appear next to each other (for instance, all my Unkempt Harolds followed by all of my next gun in the alphabet) and being able to sell items from within the bank (probably best put an “are you sure?” menu and the option to buy back like with vendors to avoid unintentional upset).

d) With the risk of going down and losing everything, I will probably be sending stuff over that I might not usually end up holding onto so it will be that much more important to be able to filter it out of my regular bank.

If we cannot deliver on all the above then it would probably be wise to have the extracted items go into a locker or something before we put them into the bank. Although that would still make the above really worth doing.

Alternatively, the items could appear in our mail at the appropriate level and Mayhem level for whichever character we grab it as.


Wow. Now I know for a fact I won’t be missing anything going forward.
Weird path GBX is going with this.
If they don’t make their projected sales, all they need to do is look in the mirror to know why…

I guess the only reason it is not a true Battle Royale is because it is not PvP.
But the rest sure sounds like a Battle Royale mode Randy…