Borderlands 3 Ulimate Edition, Arms Race Gameplay, and More Revealed on the Borderlands Show

Can’t figure this out from the trailer…

Arms Race,is that pvp or not?

If yes,oOK I’m done.

If no,is it something youcan play alone or with two players? Or is it ‘designed for’ a party of 4 like the original takedown?

And what is the price to get it standalone?

(no way I’m going to pay for an extra skill tree and some cosmetic crap. Feels like TPS all over again)

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You can work together with others or go solo. There was a video of 4 players playing it yesterday and it seemed pretty balanced. No one’s seen it played solo yet so we don’t know about that.

I think it’s looking pretty good. The map’s massive, the mode’s super replayable and there’s tonnes of new gear. I like how the looting aspect will be put back in the centre. Rather than getting the perfect gun + anointment, we’ll be picking up whatever we find.

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@Noelle_GBX How much do you think we’d have to pay Gearbox to make a new Arms Race map voiced by Tiny Tina and with everything in the style of Dragon’s Keep? The events could play out like aspects of D&D/B&B as well.

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Still not clear is Arms Race is PvE of PvP, and if it’s available standalone or only in season pass 2.

It’s pretty clearly not PvP.


Thanks for that answer. The ‘pretty clear’ is debatable :stuck_out_tongue:. Trailer or text description on didn’t make it clear at all,and that’s the official information.

I also now understand the pricing as this: new skill trees and arms race are both part of Dlc5 which is probably available standalone, and also part of season pass 2.

Is there anything already made clear about what Dlc6,7 and 8 are going to be? (assuming there are 4 major dlcs again in pass2).

Are there any more store dlcs coming?

Season Pass 2 only includes the Designers Cut (trees&Arms Race) and the Directors Cut, which we have no info about but it’s apparently another “mode”.

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What I find is still not clear is the “free upgrade to next gen console” thing.
Do I have to do anything beforehand? Is it a “permanent feature” or “limited time only” thing?
I won’t get the PS5 right away. Will probably be quite some time before I get it. Over a year.
I hope I won’t have to buy another ultimate edition after having paid for a super deluxe with cheese.

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So far I’m not seeing anything I really want in Season Pass 2.
I’ve enjoyed the DLC content so far (in the middle of Psycho Krieg now), but additional skill trees and the new game mode really aren’t doing it for me. Maybe the Director’s Edition will change my mind.

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If I recall, the gold weapon skins pack was a pre-order bonus for the super deluxe, not a part of the super deluxe, per se.


Arm race can have the potential to be borderlands’ gambit

Sorry, Mickey Tricks, but this is gonna be a Season Pass for me…

Actually, I’m not sorry at all!


This is why I hate Arms Race (hint: it is bugged beyond repair for me):

Also - your support team is kinda terrible. only got form responses with info on what to do if I am playing on PC - even though I logged a XBOX ONE X ticket.


Sorry for the (likely) stupid question, but I have the Super Deluxe edition, and so already saw I had the new cosmetics. But what do I need to buy to get the Arms Race and the new skill trees? Just the Season 2 pass? Or do I need to buy the director’s cut as well? I have the option in the microsoft store to buy both and am confused what I get with each.

@CommonDefence - My understanding is that the Season 2 Pass includes both Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut. Designer’s Cut is out now and includes both new skills and Arms Race. So if you only want the new skills and Arms Race, I would suggest just buying the Designer’s Cut. If you think you might also want the Director’s Cut when it comes out next year, then you might want to buy the whole Season 2 Pass now instead. The news article below should give you more details.

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Hi your content is not playable for somebody who got a job. I want my money back! Where can I have my refund?

Why is it difficult to play the game if you have a job? I don’t know the average age on here but I imagine most of us have jobs and manage fine.

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