Borderlands 3 - unavailable button PC New Zealand

I bought the game and got emailed the cd keys fro
2 cd keys were given, I used one of them and now its giving me the screenshot where it says its unavailable?

It has already released in NZ for pc why is it giving me this unavailable yellow button?
Have already uninstalled re-installed and closed and opened the pc epic games launcher.

also key was redeemed and its not even showing in library


I have the same issue.

Why does a cd key that has been redeemed and detected by epic game store itself as a legit copy of the game not work.

Worse is we cant even buy the game anymore. I want to pay epic and get a refund from cd keys, but I cant.

yeah i emailed cdkeys first thing this morning but no reply.

Also spoken to epic store and they dont even know… told me that damn usual uninstall reinstall.
They should able to check the keys or add to library…

Strange also it says sep14 release here in nz.
Still says unavailable for me…

You based in nz too?


I had to be late and be in trouble at work just to download the game.

Didnt even gain anything even after all that.

Our release date is Sept 13

aw damn haha…

Yeah it says 9am for australia and 11am nzst.

Almost 11 hours now for me in nz, still showing unavailable…
but although u say its 13th for us that screenshot i have shows 14th… so perhaps 4 more hours and ill find out… useless epic games store honestly…

Give us an update.

I will check back again when it hits 12 am here and see if maybe I got a code for tomorrow’s release date.

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Did you happen to get your game?

at 12 am still nothing for me.

Hi guys, I’m wondering whats the status of this issue. I was thinking to buy the key laeter on from cdkeys too. Although it seems like a start date issue still I’m wondering anyone else maybe got some problems with the key?

Same here, based in Sweden tho.

nope nothing still same probs.

Everyone. Check your Codes redeemed through the Epic website.

I just saw mine right after I requested my account to be deleted. SHM.

I think this really is Epic’s fault as my code registered as Borderlands 3 retail, so CDKeys is not likely in the wrong.

Epic just need to fix their crap.

I’ve read the other forums that the companies sent out wrong code. The bonus code was registered and they need to send you another one with the product itself. So it seems not epic’s fault but the 3rd party key seller companies noobing. If you got any updates let me know I’m still curious because the steam version I would like to buy from from later on.