Borderlands 3 Update 9/26/2019 - Patch Notes

An update to Borderlands 3 is going out today by or before 3:00 PM PDT that fixes a number of reported concerns.


  • [PC Only] Reduced the amount of texture streaming that was occurring when aiming down sights.
  • Addressed a reported concern where certain users with a lot of people in their friend’s list saw more frequent hitching.
  • Implementing General stability improvements.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Addressed a reported issue where KillaVolt’s Shield Storm attack does not disable the tiles around KillaVolt, resulting in the entire floor being activated (oops).
  • Addressed a potential progression blocker in the mission “Footsteps of Giants”.
  • Addressed a reported issue where Guardian Rank had the potential to become non-functional and/or the player could potentially lose Guardian Rank tokens into the negatives.
  • Modified vending machines so it will now sort items by rarity.
  • Console FOV is now set to 75 by default. This will not affect players who have already started the game.
  • Special prompts for particle text (Tediore guns, “critical”, “immune”) are now properly localized.
  • Addressed a reported concern that certain players experienced where their vehicle’s boost could continue into the next map.
  • Addressed a reported concern with “Porcelain Pipe Bomb” where it set off multiple explosions when colliding with objects.
    • This grenade was never meant to explode multiple times. All enemies in the Borderlands universe are now safe from being instantly melted by radioactive poop.


  • Adjusted the verbiage for “left stick” and “right stick” inside the Russian localized version of the control options screen.
  • Addressed a reported issue where certain users experienced a failure of the audio to play when spending skill points in the UI.
  • The text is now correctly marked “invalid” when you enter an invalid e-mail address on the SHiFT account creation page.
  • Addressed a reported issue where the item of the day item card would flash briefly before displaying on vending machines.
  • Addressed a reported concern that certain players were served an unread mail icon when they didn’t have mail to read.
  • Iron Bear button prompts will now correctly update if you re-bind your controls.
  • Modified various features and elements of Crazy Earl’s store.
  • Addressed a reported issue where subtitles wouldn’t display until after the initial cutscene.
  • Addressed an issue experienced by certain players that social notifications could become stuck on-screen.
  • Addressed a player concern that certain item preview images were failing to load inside the player bank.
  • Addressed an issue reported by players where the cursor would snap to an unintended location in the UI.
  • [PC Only] Addressed an issue reported by certain PC players where the focus from the mouse’s last known location was sticking around even when playing with a gamepad.

Splitscreen and Online Multiplayer

  • Addressed a concern reported by certain players that the dialog volume faded too low before switching to ECHO audio during split-screen gameplay.
  • Addressed a concern reported by certain players that sounds were quiet or missing for the second split-screen player if they move too far from player one.
  • Addressed a concern reported by certain players that 3-player groups were having trouble matchmaking with an additional solo player.
  • Addressed a reported concern experienced by certain players that in split-screen one player’s sprinting animation could be interrupted by the other player opening the ECHO menu.
  • Addressed a concern reported by certain players in split-screen where one player’s aiming down sights could be interrupted by the other player opening the ECHO menu.
  • Addressed a handful of reported client replication issues:
    • Addressed Tina’s pizza bomb so it displays correctly for clients.
    • Modified certain audio elements that were reportedly looping for clients.
    • Addressed a reported player concern so the Guardian Skill “Dead Man’s Hand” now functions properly.
  • Player icons are now pinned to the side of the mini-map when playing in any kind of multiplayer.

This update contains the first batch of performance fixes. It’s far from exhaustive, but we wanted to address issues and concerns with changes that were ready and tested out as soon as possible while the team continues active investigation and work on additional performance improvements for upcoming patches.

If you’ve noticed a potential concern that has affected you that is not addressed in this update, please send us your data! Many factors are at work and collecting info from a variety of folks can go a long way to help us find commonalities, identify the root cause, and address confirmed issues.

The best way to get us your data would be to open a support ticket ( ) and include the following information:

1. Summary of the issue.
2. Frequency of the issue – how often is this happening?
3. The platform you’re playing on (PS4, PS4 Pro, XB1, XB1X, PC)
3a. If PC, a dxdiag log and crash dump.
4. Your game state when you experienced the issue: (map, mission, character, player level, playthrough+, single player vs. multiplayer, offline vs. online, etc.)
5. Do you know the steps to make this problem happen again? What are they?


Hopefully this will quell the masses if only even a tad bit. Keep up the good work!


Yeah not everything is fixed but this is a fairly quick first step to what they could fix quickly.

Love to see it.


No fixes for the menus lagging the crap out of the game when playing split screen huh?

I’ll take any fixes we can get but there are some biggies out there like lost quest progression, losing bank items, and the aforementioned split screen menu lag that are killers.


You typed property not properly, not to be pedantic.

  • Addressed a reported player concern so the Guardian Skill “Dead Man’s Hand” now functions property.

(looks stern)

(nods appreciatively at the fact that progress is being made)


Hi, first of all thanks for the heads up and the good work on this awesome game. I have 2 questions concerning console split-screen.

1- Theres a thread with 523 replies asking if you are planing on adding a vertical split screen. Can you adress this, yes/no/maybe/we are looking into it. Just an answer please…

2- Split screen text size and UI, are there plans to improve this, text is small and realy hard to read.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work.


I think you should go back and read this.
(Maybe more carefully this time) :joy:

Oh it’s been a while since I came to the forum. Since the last few sparse update of Battleborn. So many memories.


While I’m pretty sure these aren’t the most underwhelming patch notes I’ve encountered, they certainly do come close. I really hope there is another patch very soon in coming because this doesn’t even qualify as the tip of the iceberg.


Maybe the dead man’s hand becomes your property now lol


The “biggies” are probably the ones that aren’t done yet. They may take more investigation or testing. I’m sure they will fix them as quickly as possible. They should also fix the bug where there isn’t enough storage space for many items at all lol


Where’s the fix for peoples banked items on Sanctuary being deleted? It’s a bug that i can easily see people quitting the game over…


Well we can safely say, RIP, porcelain pipebomb farmers, Graveward is now safe LOL


So are broken builds of fl4k / amara fixed and I can play a game with challnge, or I can keep oneshotting whole universe as before with 0 sense to play?

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Sounds like they aren’t finished to me.


Exactly get out the fixes that are done while they keep working on the larger ones.


Fixes look good but I’m concerned that the fix for Hollow Point was not included. That is a more important issue than the stupid pipe bomb as players are stuck with Hollow Point and it kills everyone.


Yeah, I can occasion be a bit flighty but upon further review I still am not seeing anything addressing the split screen menu lag on console in this patch which is my current biggest issue. If you are seeing something I’m not PLEASE let me know.

It looks like they might have done something on the bank issue though they specifically mention “failure to load preview images” which may or may not be the issue with lost items. If that’s it that is awesome.

YAY! I can change this!

I changed it. It shows properly.