Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [04/08/2021]

Yes, one of the devs on their social account wrote it.

Guess he meant the new free addons, but “patch” means fixes for me, not new stuff…


I hope so, I just ask because you can read it in two ways

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Was expecting some unannounced surprises (like a Fl4k rework) but I guess that was wishful thinking.
Everything sounds good though!

Looking forward to any good unannounced hidden changes that benefit me and my bot-friend.


Me too, to be honest. It’s going into Q2 and no word on crossplay that was promised at the end of last year.

But to be fair … they did get hit really hard by the winter storms. And we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.


Just about. Was holding off to start my Fl4k run but I feel less motivated to. I think I’ll just do other things and get back to it when I something or another.

@Noelle_GBX and @RapZowsdower_GBX
Let’s wind the clocks back a little while ago where we were told that things were getting looked into shall we?

Here is an oldie but goodie from April 2020 :

Is GBX still “aware” of these issues and still “looking into them”? I mean it is now April 2021 so thinking a year is a pretty good amount of time to be aware of something and looking into it I would think. The console crashing is still an issue, even on the new generation of consoles for that matter. All one has to do is simply go to the XBOX Tech Support and see the issues people are having.

Yes, there is now Vertical Splitscreen, thanks, but all that was done was change the screen orientation but the text size, UI/performance is laughable. SO are these issues still memes?
Here is one from a little later in July 2020 :


Still nothing to announce I take it? Yes, I know not a whole year quite yet but a few months away from it to say the least, not to mention this has been brought up before and after this date multiple times.

How about this one from July 2020 as well


Are you still looking into this one too?

Seems like the pattern at GBX is to simply state you are looking into something then bury the proverbial head in the sand and hope the problem goes away. After that there are no updates regarding issues your customers are having. If these were one offs from only one or two customers then maybe I would understand but these are issues that a lot of people are still having after your game released back in September 2019. Does GBX seriously think this is going to help the bottom line with future releases or make customers more prone to purchase paid content? Thanks to issues not being addressed or fixed I have saved my money and spent it elsewhere, where in the past I bought it without second guessing, hence why I preordered the Super Deluxe Edition but I certainly will not make that mistake again.

I don’t think that what we are asking is too much, the nerfs/buffs/anoints albeit frustrating are nothing compared to not being able to play the game at all because your console crashes or that the split screen was put in as an afterthought unlike the previous entries. (On a side note I find it highly amusing that there was/is a show called Couch Co-Op for Borderlands but the individuals NEVER actually played couch co-op like 90% of your customers do. Would have been fun watching them get a foot away from a television to read the text or see them attempt to use the menu during play.)

I’m aware of your Season Pass 2 and have looked into it. As for purchasing it, not at this time.


I was hoping that this update would finally bring Moze’s skills back to normal balance, but I was disappointed.

The scaling bug in Moze was never fixed, so
I will one-shot the raid boss with Moze as you requested.

Zane’s commitment is no good.
Moze scaling bug is good
I’d like to know why you draw that GBX line.

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5 more hours here in Brasil :frowning:

Graeme Timmins just tweeted that there are also Quick Change stations now in each of the Takedowns.


Unannounced changes (unannounced on these patch notes at least) have begun! Leggooooo!!!
That’s a good one to start with.


Thanks for the patch, looking forward to test all this !

Also, 250 Eridium is fine. It’s in a spot where getting a good anoint on a gun won’t be something trivial, the game is already easy enough.

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Wait, what?!?!


Lets see:

  • New legendaries for Arms Race
  • New legendaries from Directors Cut
  • Cartel Event will start soon

Yet still no increased bank size again, really?

Great only dozen of other skins, icons and emotes to go, you are slowly getting there.

And this…

Is all really great but I can only shake my head why this is in a patch months after and away before this will be of any use (Cartels event excluded) :unamused:

All I see are some fixes to bugs exclusive to the PS5/XSX version, some very minor fixes and you again playing dice with character balance.


As always non of this is directed at Noelle herself.


Yeah it’s a nice one. I mean they were near most of the raid bosses in BL2 so you could quickly change up your stuff if you needed to so it’ll be nice here as well. :slight_smile:

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It’s legit


No extra nerfs for Moze/Zane, GB must be confident that Hemo won’t get destroyed. Hemo about to be toxic af lol.

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Only want to know 1 thing… Can the reroll device add anoinments to guns that previously couldn’t roll anoinments?

If not, i’m not even bothering to start the game and will probably even Uninstall it all together.


Could we get a little more info on this? Not sure what this means

Gotta say the world drop change has me disappointed. Getting a great roll on a world drop was one of the best feelings in the game. Lowering the chance of that is discouraging.


Well they probably won’t be as scarce as they are in BL2, but I’m hoping the 10,000 legendaries that drop in 5 rounds of slaughter shaft will be cut down to 5000 heh.