Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [04/08/2021]

@Noelle_GBX Don’t know if it was already mentioned, but recording video on PS5 (and PS4 probably too) is no longer possible after the update. I didn’t checked manual video but the one for trophies are no longer saved.
The whole game is in state of “blocked scene” instead only the behind scene content menu.

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I had the same experience, m-11, two legendaries that aren’t useful to me. And a long fight, not difficult, but looong.

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Yeah, spent the 50 mil to respec without those, changed COM to Green Monster and am still only getting 3-5 out of 10 kills. They must know how much I dislike having to change everything about one of my characters just to complete an elemental challenge. This annoyed the hell out me during the Cartels event every time I didn’t get credit for a FishSlap kill with melee. Clearly the challenge is really about how purely can you apply a given elemental damage.

Is there any word on whether FL4K’s Rakkslag anoint was fixed? It seems to come up often when rerolling, if it isn’t going to be fixed it should be removed altogether.


I don’t know how it works on PC. On PS, I went to the PS store. When you look up BL3 there’s an add ons section and from there you download the directors cut (in my case I had purchased season pass 2 when it came out in Nov) and also separately download the new bodies/skins for the characters.

That’s weird that the weekly challenge is different for different people. Mine was kill 300 creatures on Promethea. It was quite annoying b/c (a) Promethea has virtually no creatures other than a few rathches and (b) the creature slaughter, although located on Promethea, did not count towards the total.

Am I correct that you don’t actually get anything for completing the challenges except some XP?

It also seems, at least from the picture on the card, the new gear isn’t even anointed–so they go through the efffort to add a re-roll machine and make other gear anointed but not the new stuff?

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The challenge is for killing Promethean creatures, so mostly ratches, but bots counts too. It can be done on any map like Athenas or Jackpot.

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ah, good to know.

anyone get new arm’s race gear yet? Got the new shield, haven’t tried using it yet.

Since you are using Moze just spec far enough into the red tree to use the Corrosive Railgun and get the kills you need using Iron Bear.


Vehicle fast travel is still bugged.

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I don’t know yet but will find out after killing another couple hundred to get the last 75 corrosive kills I need to complete it.

I’ve had no overheating issues with my ps4 pro prior to installing this update and first thing after, while in the main menu before I even start to play at all, my ps4 sounds like it’s going to take off and it will not stop or settle. Anyone else having this issue after updating?

How the hell do I remove this latest update? Will deleting the game then re-installing offline do it?

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Cistern is on promethea

I wish we could follow dailies and weeklies on the screen while playing…


And they could make it easily hideable with left or right on d pad.

There is a notification about progress.


Hi Noelle,

I bought Season Pass 2 on the Epic Store but it hasn’t included the cosmetic packs. They’re not showing in the Social menu mail.

I am not sure if the developers read these threads, but please for the love of everything, fine tune the world drop loot rate. I am one who likes to farm and this nerf just killed the game for me.


Hidden bug fix: the red chest cooldown bug appears to be fixed.

(For those who are unfamiliar, red chests are on a cooldown timer where you need to spend some time in-game before they reset and you can re-open them. But sometimes a character you create will be glitched and there’s no cooldown, and you can save/quit farm red chests like in the previous games.)

My main Moze has this handy feature, I mean bug, but it’s gone now.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. :smiley:

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Update: today it is working as always, there was no msg about blocked scene when launching the game.