Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [06/24/2021] + Cartels + Crossplay + Level Cap + Always-on Seasonal Events

I’m not sure if it is because I’m on Playstation and I’ve had zero issues. Whenever I see someone commenting on this issue they seem to be on a platform which just brought in crossplay. I’m far from an expert in these things, but I wonder if it may be to do with that.

I play on the PS4. Never had issues (a crash every few months) until the last patch.

Interesting, so it must just be effecting some consoles and not others, even within the same family. Curious. I’m on an original PS4 (i.e. not slim, pro or anything else they might have done), what are you on?

You are right, but I d bet that non experts (which is the larger part of players) mostly picked up ASA 200 just because intuitively it seems the best with a larger number. GB now made it so it does not seem so, granted it d be better to have actual information on the card helping choice and not super counter intuitive sh… that requires you to know dumb formulas to compare.

Does “gear from rewards now drop from their respective bosses” include cosmetics?

I switched to pc because no cross play, and want to stay on pc because console load times are grotesque, and I want the VECH-tor Graphics echo theme on my pc character cuz it’s one of my favorites, and especially with the new skin that matches.

TL;DR I want VECH-tor Graphics.

Yes, it can drop from Joey.

I’ve recently been victim of the worst possible issue known to man: A day without internet.

As I was slightly inconvenienced I wanted to check out Borderlands 3 and look how it performs without hot fixing and o god, it’s terrible.

First of all: I only tested Moze, but Iron Bear seems to not get proper damage scaling, which sounds fun until you realize that even the anointments have been hotfixed, so I’m stuck with +100% damage anoints. And even if I combine IB with a Flare com + the ideal anointment it still barely tickles the enemies.

But that is not all, there are still some weapon buffs that are hotfixed in and therefore revert to their former self. Oh and did I mention that the fact that enemies are supposed to only drop anointed gear on Mayhem 10/11 is also a hotfix? I went through the Maliwan takedown and did not get any gear with anointments at all. At least it was a lot of loot I guess as the reduction in World drops seems to be hotfixed in as well.

Also and I guess that might be a problem of playing a game with DRM offline, but the performance was absolutely horrible. I went from smooth locked 60fps or a range of 80-120 fps if uncapped to around 45 - 60 fps when capped at 60 and somewhere between 60 and 120 with terrible jumps all-around when uncapped. And there is an immense amount of stuttering all the time, it’s nausea-inducing.

So please Gearbox, when you eventually drop the support of BL3 please patch in all hotfixes for good, so that we can play it at it’s best and not in a severely crippled state.


I wanted to post this somewhere and I didn’t want to start a new topic in General Discussions. I thought here was appropriate. Having just made my way through a tsunami of (probably justified) complaints, I’m almost embarassed to post . Anyway, here goes.

With the advent of crossplay, a very old friend (like over 50 years) and I have been trying to play co-op together. He’s XBox One and I’m PC. There are very limited options if you like FPSs. I was delighted when this patch implemented crossplay for BL3.

We’ve just finished our first session. It went absolutely seamlessly. Friends worked. Invitations worked. Chat was as clear as you like. No connectivity issues. I’ve got a substantial gaming PC, and expected good performance, but there were no complaints from his end on XBox.

There you go, Gearbox. It worked for someone :smiley:


@Greybeard Absolutely fantastic you were able to connect and get some game time in with no issues. Really illustrates what crossplay offers and why it is important to get it sorted for the folks still trying to play the game.


Good to hear that - I was a bit worried about PC-XBox after a couple of recent posts, and at some point want to try re-connecting with folks who switched platform.

Out of interest, do you know what speed connections you and your friend have? Because I suspect that may be part of the equation when it comes to smooth performance.


I’ve just checked with my friend. He (XBox) is getting around 180Mbps and I (PC) am getting around 130Mbps. Download, that is. I hope this helps.

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That does. I’m getting ~300/30 Mbps service, so things should be good at least on my end.

I need to try it with my ~40/3 service and XB1S, this might be a better test lol

Feel free to give me a ping sometime if you actually want to test it. SHIFT user name is VaultHunter101-2, since the system wouldn’t let me just use my forum name for some bizarre reason (GT is Alkymist96, but it looks like you have to go either SHIFT or XBL, can’t do both.)

While not technically crossplay, have also found connecting via Xbox Live accounts and not thru Shift to be helpful in minimizing stutter/freeze.

Believe me, I felt that one too. Level cap raises are nonsense. For instance, I had been hoping that BL3 would have been the one to stay at level 50 forever, but they could have given us extra skill points + higher difficulty options for mayhem. Adding skill points doesn’t have to increase the level cap.


I also played BL3 over crossplay with a long time friend of mine. We played about 4 hours with a couple crashes. I think one crash was because we were grinding levels at the scrap-trap room and may have left too much junk on the floor. The other crash, was probably because my friend turned in a quest we were working on before I had fully loaded into sanctuary. He might have even initiated travel before I loaded into sanctuary. In case you weren’t aware, faster systems will have a 10 to 30 second head start on other slower system players and they can move around before other players have loaded in. Apparently his PC is faster than my xbox one x.

In any case, it worked otherwise extremely well. Shift friends invites were pretty seamless. I think he invited and then I went to join him from the social menu. Gameplay felt just like joining an xbox player.

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Thank you. That confirms my impression. I can see how taking actions before the games are properly sync’ed could cause problems. I shall be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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Apparently it had a strange effect for my PC buddy when I was the passenger in his car. I think he tried to drive after the fast travel but it might have snapped him back to me once I spawned in.

That doesn’t surprise me - having both players in the same vehicle has been interesting on XB1 <-> XB1 since launch!

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