Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [06/24/2021] + Cartels + Crossplay + Level Cap + Always-on Seasonal Events

Also with this change, toggling trash/favorite/unmarked on equipped gear will focus the backpack icon, so if you were planning on toggling a bit of gear twice, you’re interrupted halfway through and have to re-focus the item. (Again, this is only for equipped items; backpack items work fine.)

Also also, if you compare items and then cancel out of compare, the backpack UI seems to often visually “forget” what trash/favorite icon some gear is at, so they look unmarked. That might be limited to items that you’ve recently toggled, though – doesn’t happen across the board.

The console inventory is just subpar in almost every way on PC; I’m guessing it’s not bad if you’re using a controller, but at the very least we should be able to switch between systems. Would love to have this reverted. (Not that the previous PC inventory was stellar, but it was better than this.)

I wouldn’t mind keeping the single-key-to-drop, though – that’s the one nice bit of this.

There are some odd hiccups on console, like the display constantly resetting the current selection to the first item. I work around it by doing all my junk marking while actively in the vending machine - not only is the display more cooperative, but I get more columns showing at once than in inventory view.

And of course the bank still doesn’t remember junk/favourite status, which is a real pain.


Did this hotfix require playstation users to have ps plus?

The hotfix itself, no. I know one person without PS+ is having issues with SHIFT codes on PS since the last update, but I don’t know if that’s a common or uncommon problem.

Edit: looks like it might be a common problem. Thread here:

I couldn’t agree more. Not like we want to keep tabs on our best gear or anything.

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My use case would be marking the things found by Character A to be passed on to Character B, so that I send less time hunting through 400 slots of gear for those items with the correct anointment. It would be easier if we had a tabbed layout instead of one continuous scrolling window. My thinking, however, is why not both?


Update: you can kinda work around this problem by going through A pain in the rear, but it works.


Do you have a source for this? Thanks!

First post

With the introduction of the final level cap increase, we determined this was the best time to make changes to the current Anointment meta.


So how do we convince Gearbox to realize the anointment meta was a bad idea and un-nerf the general annointments? I can see how the super-specific ones are fine for testers who don’t have to farm everything and then keep it in their bank, and PC players who other people’s savefiles to get them, but they’re a misery for people who only get stuff by playing and by keeping it.
I haven’t watched any news on Tina’s Wonderland since the new anointment meta because this has stolen so much of the fun from the game; why get a new game from designers who think this is a good idea?

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Anointment nerf was needed, in fact more things should be nerfed.


Anointment nerf was needed for what? Were there a bunch of people saying “Hey I got a 300/90 and it’s so powerful the game is boring now?”


Playing with the lvl 65 gear now with God rolls and annoints feels kinda good now to me. Enough of a challenge. So no need for nerfs in my opinion. If other players struggle they can just use the op gear on level whilst I can enjoy what feels like a good balance now.:slight_smile:

Honestly the thinking appears to be "No one liked or used our special anointments, so we’ll damage the ones people did like so our specific ones look better by comparison.



This is the Cyberpunk 2077 of updates.

Hmm…as bad as Cyberpunk released at least CDPR admitted to their short comings and are releasing legitimate fixes , as for me it runs better than BL3 does. Meaning that Cyberpunk has yet to completely power off my console.


In before GBX pulls a BL2 FFS and releases a final DLC before BL4 that increases the level cap and breaks the game in multiple ways without ever intending to fix any of that ■■■■.

…not that they seem too intent to fix basically anything in BL3 anyway.


That will be especially annoying. Level cap raises aren’t fun. Not without a system to raise your current gear.

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Great…i reached lvl cap, i had good builts on all charakters with best gear, now new lvl cap, builts dont work any more, annointments nerfed, droprates reduced…

Game crashes at least once a day!

U think i restart farming?

Take ur f…ing game back, i d never have bought it if i had known what happens next…

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