Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [06/24/2021] + Cartels + Crossplay + Level Cap + Always-on Seasonal Events

Okay, thought the new cosmetics (skins, trinkets etc) would have to be unlocked by completing the same challenges as last years event? I’m my cartel menu I can see the name of the new cosmetics, but all the challenges shows as completed (18/18).

It wasn’t perfect but the anointment re roll made the game fun to play again.
I wasted over 20000 Eridium for nothing thanks to the level cap.


well RIP XD

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Judder/Frame drops, lag and crashes since update on Xbox SS. A crash last night cost me 4 legendary guns from Lilith"s chest as well.

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I feel your pain bud! I’ve used over 125000 eridium rerolling gear. About 25000 of that was in the last week or so🤬. On a separate note is anyone having trouble playing splitscreen? It was working fine last night but when I tried to load a splitscreen character this morning I just keep getting a msg saying there was a problem loading the second character.


My visual settings got reset and I changed things back and it was still bad and then realized I got switched from DirectX 12 to 11. Put it on 12 and back to normal except a heavy black outline on everything that I found a config file fix for.

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After I installed the patch on PS4 I cannot fast travel. I’m stuck where I was before the patch. Does anyone else have the problem or know a solution?

Yes, I have the same problem. I can’t fast travel anywhere. It’s disabled completely. Never happened to me before.

Have you tried the travel station as well as your in game menu?

I am also on PS4 and have had no problems traveling after the update.

I tried maliwan last night at 72 with 65 gear (chain zane) and it is very doable. Just takes a little longer because we aren’t instantly deleting enemies.

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I’ve tried three different characters, all level 65, and none of them can fast travel using either a fast travel station or the menu.

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I do, just counted and FL4K has roughly 175 total skill points (it’s early cut me some slack) to fill from a total of 69 skill points.

I know you were exaggerating to prove a point and that’s why I called myself nitpicky, but we don’t even have the points required to fill half the skills.


I did. A bunch of my video settings got changed behind my back after the patch installed. I was having absolutely terrible performance until I happened to notice all those changed settings in my video options while flipping between DX11 and DX12 to see if that helped things. I changed them back to how I had them and it seems fine now.

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How did you do that? Ive got only one copy of BL3 and we use the same steam account. Can you help me?

PS4 Pro as well, consistent studdering/frame rate issues and several game crashes.

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Oh ok, I have a copy of BL3 on epic store and a copy on steam on two separate computers. Before this patch we just used an Ethernet cable for LAN play.

Why does the super soldier shield stop working now? The effects seem to stop for no reason and it doesn’t work again unless you unequip and then re-equip it.
I’m playing as fl4k and the ammo regen was useful with the tizzi.

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Same issue here with the Super Soldier. Noticed it when I was doing the claptrap farm last night.

@Noelle_GBX you guys aware of this?

Heh I just posted earlier in this thread that I’d never had trouble on my ultrawide - and then this happened to me, too. :confused:

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Yep Super Solider is broken on me too. Like you said, its effects randomly seem to stop working.