Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [06/24/2021] + Cartels + Crossplay + Level Cap + Always-on Seasonal Events

Probably something to do with this:

I got you homie



So far I’ve really enjoyed the new changes the level cap made no difference, the gear still wrecks all content. The crossplay has been really good, I’ve never played borderlands with randoms before and it’s been ok so far. I’ve never had a single successful match made on PS4 or stadia. Now it works all the time. It was good to go back to villa ultraviolet as well. Lots of things to occupy my time now.

Negatives. My vault card has stopped leveling up. I don’t really bother with the card anymore but eridium and armoury keys. Not sure if they can be turned off/on and I’ve done it by mistake?

Are you sure that is what would be said? haha.

You guys nerfed the 300v2 because of the Yellow Cake hahaha

But why hit uRad? :frowning:


Using the nerfed U-RAD with Fade Away Flak and does fine.
The buff to FLAK’s Fade Away 150% is nice but that’s still isn’t gonna be as competitive with a 100% damage buff that’s active all the times.
Maybe if it’s like 150% for a short while after you activate it but yeah Fade Away strat still prob gonna remain the same.

On Xbox one s can’t get the hotfix to apply anybody have that happen

Can’t say I’ve run in to that issue, no. Did you try completely restarting your game, then letting it sit at the main game menu (after account sign in) until the “Hotfix Applied” sign appears?

Yes restarted the game and the xbox no hotfix

Could just be a temporary network/server issue? There’s no way to physically force the game to download the current hotfix since it’s programmed to check every time at start up (as soon as it hits the main menu). Unless your console got switched to offline mode somehow, it should just find, download, and apply the current hotfix.

Did you get the update installed? Depending on your system configuration, you may need to trigger that manually (Manage Apps > BL3 > Updates)

Yes update is installed

Then all I can suggest is (1) check the date for the current installed hotfix (if any) in the slide display pane on bottom-left - sometimes the sign doesn’t show up for some reason, but this should update if the hotfix is applied; (2) try again in about an hour (you will likely need to fully quit the game)

Ok thanks for the help

Thank you for reminding me why I stopped playing. Yes, let’s nerf the only anointments that work well with Moze. Great idea.


I’m not able to fast travel to anywhere. Pls fix it.

same here too. damn.

There’s a temporary workaround in the PS4 Tech Support section if that’s your platform. Same thing might work if you’re on a different platform.

I agree. The chase to get the most powerful end-game meta load-out so that you can one-shot bosses is a painful grind that I have not really pursued in any of the Borderlands games. I have done a lot more on BL3 with some solid MH10 builds (FL4K never gelled for me, and Moze took a bit of time to mature), so I have a well stocked armory, but I am now at the point like I was in BL1 and BL2 that I find myself going back and starting from the beginning to enjoy developing a new toon from scratch with the gear that I can salvage. It is a play style preference that works for me and with the changes that they have made in BL3 over time, it works for me.


The temporary work-around worked for me too. Go to PS4 Settings>System>Enable (X) button for Enter. With that change, fast travel works.

I hate the general anointment nerfs and the meta idea behind it. I get why one might vaguely think it’s better to have items that give a high bonus to one specific action skill, they seem less O.P. But which is really more fun, saying as Zane I’m going to try switching from the Digi-Clone to SNTNL and see what that’s like, or saying I’m going to try switching from the Digi-Clone to SNTNL and spend hours farming new versions of the weapons I use so it’ll still work? Which is more fun, saying I’m going to stick this cool weapon in my bank and try it out with FL4K, or saying I’m going to spend hours farming one of these for use with Fade Away only so I can play FL4K for a change?

Buff the specifics, sure, but un-nerf the generals so people’s options aren’t tied down by their loadout.