Borderlands 3 - Update and Hotfixes [11/18/2021] + Vault Card 3

Today we will release an update for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. This update adds the third and final Vault Card for players who own the Director’s Cut content, adds a toggle for the True Trials event effects, activates the limited-time Co-op Loot Drop event ending on November 25 at 8:59 AM PT, and addresses various reported concerns!



  • Vault Card 3: Bunker Masters has been added to the game for owners of the Director’s Cut add-on
  • Added a switch to the Proving Ground maps that will enable the True Trials event for players

Dev Note: Be sure to use the switch prior to starting the mission for the trial. Once the mission has started, the switch cannot be used again until the mission has been failed or the Proving Ground map is reloaded. The loot changes on each boss just as it did during the original True Trials events .

  • Added 3 new ECHO Device Skin customizations to Crazy Earl’s Shop


Dev Note: Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine has many weeks of new items that will be randomly selected, interspersed between previous weeks’ selections. Weekly gear sets will not be reused until all the available weekly selections have been used, at which point the selection list will be reset and randomly selected from again. There are 52 weeks of selections, so make sure to purchase any piece of gear you see, as you won’t see it again for at least one year!

  • Added collision to the platforms in Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck so that players would not fall through
  • Updated the Jericho Rocket Launcher to no longer do friendly damage with its cloudburst
  • Improved matchmaking on Xbox One
  • Updated Franco Firewall to count toward Vault Card Challenges related to boss kills
  • Updated the Daily Vault Card Challenge “Kill 10 Goliaths” to carry over to other characters
  • Updated the Daily Vault Card Challenge “Kill Manvark” to update only when the Manvark is killed, not Tinkvark
  • Updated telemetry data on Vault Card Challenges
  • Updated telemetry data for local player information
  • Addressed reported camera issues that could sometimes occur with level transitions in multiplayer
  • Addressed a reported issue that was sometimes causing host players in multiplayer to be unable to kick players that did not have characters selected
  • Addressed a reported issue that would sometimes prevent progress during the second leg of the Takedown at the Guardian Breach when the Reapers spawned
  • Addressed a reported issue with the ECHOcast Twitch Extension that could sometimes cause it to appear as if it wasn’t updating
  • Addressed a reported issue that was sometimes causing audio to occasionally be inconsistent on Stadia
  • Corrected a hitch in chest animations that could lead to empty chests
  • Transferred many hotfixes to the base game


  • Addressed a reported issue that could occur due to some occasions of shaders not clearing
  • Addressed reported instances of a PC crash that could sometimes occur when exiting to desktop
  • Addressed a reported issue that could occur when signing into SHiFT
  • Addressed a reported issue that could occur on Xbox Series X if a user logged out and back in
  • Addressed a reported issue that could occasionally occur when deleting characters
  • Addressed a reported issue that could occur from users spawning too many projectiles
  • Addressed a reported issue that could occur when a player reset graphic settings from ultrawide
  • Addressed an issue that was causing occasional crashes when PC users would use their hotkey (default: F3) for the SHiFT Menu
  • Added a check to prevent a crash that could occasionally occur when switching between visual modes on Xbox One and PS4


  • Adjusted the positioning of the playing info menu from friend lists
  • Adjusted the HUD elements in splitscreen to display properly in the correct places
  • Updated Crazy Earl’s Reroll Machine to correctly sort equipped weapons when switching sorting methods
  • Updated the SHiFT overlay to not cut off in vertical splitscreen
  • Addressed a reported issue that was sometimes causing the Item of the Day prompt to stop appearing after level transitions
  • Addressed a reported issue with the Inventory and Vault Card menus sometimes not displaying properly in splitscreen
  • Prevented the “Defeat” screen from popping up if a player dies during Takedown at the Guardian Breach before the mission was started
  • Made a change with the selection UI on Vault Cards to keep rewards highlighted when switching between them


  • Corrected a reported issue that was sometimes causing Zane the Operative’s shoulder cannon to still be visible after level transitions
  • Fixed Zane the Operative’s “Electric Avenue” skin to display properly
  • Updated Amara the Siren’s Expedite skill to prevent some situations where it was not casting correctly
  • Updated Amara the Siren’s “Partali Renegade” and “Shrine Saint” Vault Hunter Head cosmetics to only appear once in the cosmetic list

Well, with Vault Card 3, it’s looking like this is our last patch. I’ve had a ton of fun with the game and plan on filling out this card.

It’s been a great ride!

Dope more stuff to play with! Hopefully there’s still a fix in the works for violent violence, domino effect, fired up and the war loader to reduce burst fire delay instead of increasing it

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True Trials, thankee thankee!

If Expedite is really fixed, my Phaseslam/TTB builds will be pleased. Wonder if it might also be time for the :crossed_swords::boom: to return…

Good to see a bunch of fixes in there for splitscreen.


My nephew and I just finished the Krieg dlc last night with all the ramps unusable… we were able to find a way around each one and finish it thanks to Zane’s speed. I’m glad others will be able to finally finish the dlc…


Vault Card 3 info Director's Cut Vault Card 3 available now! Co-op Loot Drop Until Nov 25!


New Jakobs AR looks interesting, does gun and melee damage. Wonder how broken it can get…

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It looks more powerful than Face Puncher before the nerf.

Any updates om the Reported Concerns regarding the console instability for the Xbox One X or the Reported Concerns regarding the text size and UI for Split Screen? See below link where this was addressed and was told was getting looked in to.

I’m aware of your new product Wonderlands, even looked into it and watched the trailer. As for pre ordering or day one purchasing it, not at this time


Oh boy.

  • amara kensei screaming intensifying -

Oh hey - now I regret selling them all! Although it was great fun in the Creature Slaughter area as a way of spamming the spawn points at the start of each wave.

been a while since I played. think ill make a new character :slight_smile:

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Where is the P2P networker?

In my bank :stuck_out_tongue:


Good question. There’s so many datamined items and they’ve specifically said in the past that they have a purpose for them. Maybe… they still… do? :man_shrugging:t2:

According to lootlemon we’ve yet to see:
1 relic
1 shield
2 grenades
8 guns

So, they fixed the alt fire mode for a tier D launcher but no mention of a fix for the Backburner doing this in its only fire mode. I’m hoping this is simply an oversight because the Backburner can make CO-OP unplayable.

Kill the Valkyrie’s not fixed? Aw man…
Still some nice fixes.